2017 St Patrick’s Beer Tasting Party Results

Thanks to everyone who came to our party on March 18th. It was super fun. We had a great buffet of excellent food of all kinds and green decorations for all, on top of the beer competition.

There was quite a bit of room in our new venue at the DoubleTree. The hot tub was close-by and huge, but unfortunately crowded with vacationing families. Some of us had some hot, soaky fun, nonetheless. Many folks enjoyed fun and games, including St Patrick's puzzles, Cards Against Humanity and Mexican Train dominoes. Those of us that stayed overnight had an early morning hot tub and went to a great breakfast at the Original Pancake House.

Now, down to what you really want to know - who won the contest? We'll start with the highly coveted USS Nokomis Bad Beer Board. The competition was intense, with some pretty noxious brews, but the winner was Joey with his Coney Island Hard Lemon Lime Twist. Trust me when I say that this one got more sideways looks than any other, mostly because a clear liquid is not expected at a beer contest. And that was BEFORE they tasted.

The second place award - a $10 Best Buy gift card - went to Jack for his entry of Left Handed Brewery's Milk Stout. It was pretty tasty, according to the crowd. The winning brew was the real surprise, and it reinforced the reason we do a blind tasting. The winner was Jenna and Aida's Malta Goya Malt Beverage. This non-alcoholic beverage was reported to taste like molasses or raisins, depending on the person. The winners got a $20 Best Buy gift card and our congratulations.

I want to thank Emma for helping me with the bartending all night and all of the room helpers for the time spent in setting up and tearing down. It's a lot of work. Thanks again for participating, and we will plan on doing it next year, so be on the lookout for your next entry!

Mary & Jack

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