Captain’s Log – June 2017

Greetings, crew!

It's here - summer! I hope you are all enjoying the long-delayed nice weather. That prolonged period of rain was getting really old. We are looking forward to nice summer days and evenings in the next months.

We're coming to the end of our club year and we've had tons of fun this year. We'll be putting together the new calendar over the summer and it will be presented to the membership for approval at the September meeting. Everyone is welcome to bring items forward for addition to the calendar.  This year's new events have included the escape room outing and the upcoming Minnesota Orchestra event. If there's something fun you'd like to do, let a board member know soon.

Another thing that happens in September is dues payment. You are welcome to pay your yearly dues at any time between the June meeting and the September meeting, so please start thinking about it now. We have added an opportunity to pay by PayPal for your convenience.

And speaking of September for a while longer, don't forget our annual bowling party after the membership meeting on September 9th. We'll have the meeting in the St Francis Bowling Center (which is ours for the day) and we'll bowl afterwards for fabulous prizes. Then we'll go to dinner at nearby Boca Chica Restaurant, one of our favorites. Plan to join us!

I hope to see everyone at the anniversary meeting and picnic and at CONvergence. Enjoy the summer and see you around the galaxy!




CONvergence 2017

It's practically here, folks! CONvergence is coming in just weeks. If you haven't yet signed up to help with the loading, unloading or room time, please do so at the June meeting or let me know by email. We really need help or this process is overwhelming, so your help is really necessary! The loading will be done on Wednesday, July 5th at 6pm at the cargo bay, the unloading will be done at the hotel on July 6th at noon, and the teardown will be Sunday the 9th at 9am. Please, please, please sign up!

If you're helping in the rooms and don't have a costume, now's the time. Gangsters are easy to put together, but let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

We are going to have so much fun!

CONvergence Blood Drive 2017

Since the days of the early wooden sailings vessels, all captains have had one happy privilege - telling their crews about upcoming blood drives! Our next one is on July 8th, the Saturday of CONvergence. Last year we blew our record out of the water and put 55 donors on the bloodmobile. We'll be trying to match that again this year. If you can donate, please sign up at or let First Officer Jane know what time you'd like. If you sign up before the con it's easier to get your chosen time. Let's save some lives!

2017 Super Swell Movie Night

Plan to join this year's lovely hostesses, Lynne and Mary, on the evening of Saturday, August 26th, for our outdoor Star Trek viewing. We'll be providing your meal and entertainment, so all you have to bring is a chair, something to drink, and yourself. We'll relax and watch some Trek. The theme and menu will be a surprise, as usual. The cost for the evening remains at $12. We'll have a PayPal payment option or you can pay Mary directly.


Captain’s Log – May 2017


We have had some great fun in the last few months, from the Escape Room to the Chuckwagon to MarsCon and more. We've donated our time and our blood to the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair, Feed My Starving Children, the National Lutheran Choir and the Palliative Care Division of the VA Hospital. We do so many cool things!!

I want to remind everyone that these fun and meaningful events can not take place without our monthly meetings. If you've not attended, please come and see what it's all about. We go through our plans and welcome suggestions from everyone. Plus, we always have an after-meeting activity or a group meal together. Come and join the fun!

Don't forget that the deadline for discounted tickets at CONvergence is June 1st. You'll pay quite a bit more at the door. We would love to have everyone come and play in the room. Pick up the parts for that gangster costume at the thrift store soon, and let me know if you need suggestions.

See you around the galaxy!



Hi everyone it is me Dawn the barmaid, I had to abruptly move to San Diego to help run a family business right before MarsCON.  Well, I am coming back on May 3rd to pack up the rest of my personal belongings and have a moving sale.  If anyone has time off or a day or evening free please let me know what days and time you are available to help.  I want to start on the 6th and hopefully get most out of the way by the 12th or by the 18th, I am willing to donate to the club.  I miss everyone so much.

Thank you for everything.


NASA Experts Say They Won’t Follow Star Trek’s ‘Prime Directive’ When Exploring Other Planets

From TREKNEWS.NET, by Andrew Cardinale APRIL 25, 2017

“A starship captain’s most solemn oath is that he will give his life, even his entire crew, rather than violate the Prime Directive.” – James T. Kirk

Though it is held sacred and the world of Star Trek, NASA may not adhere to the Prime Directive concerning human activity on Mars. On a panel titled Journey to Mars at this past weekend’s Silicon Valley Comic-Con, a NASA terraforming expert explained that their mission on the planet would be in opposition to the Prime Directive, according to a recap of the event on Outer Places.

According to Memory Alpha‘s definition, the Prime Directive is “embodiment of one of Starfleet’s most important ethical principles: noninterference with other cultures and civilizations. At its core was the philosophical concept that covered personnel should refrain from interfering in the natural, unassisted, development of societies, even if such interference was well-intentioned.”

“We should try to make [Mars] a planet that is rich and diverse in life,” the NASA representative stated. When asked by an attendee about the Prime Directive, he continued, saying that in order to accomplish this, life would need to be brought to the planet, regardless of the fact whether or not it already exists there. Any life there, according to the expert, would only be in a microbial state, if it exists at all.

The panel explored other aspects of a potential Mars colonization effort, including the difficulties of communicating with astronauts on the planet.

“The Prime Directive is not just a set of rules; it is a philosophy… and a very correct one. History has proven again and again that whenever mankind interferes with a less developed civilization, no matter how well intentioned that interference may be, the results are invariably disastrous.“ – Jean-Luc Picard

According to the panelists, there would be a roughly 22 minute communication delay both ways. This would be even after signal strength issues caused by Earth’s and Mars’ orbital movement are addressed. In lieu of a faster communication method, which they aren’t entirely ruling out, NASA would have to give colonists more a greater amount of freedom to act on their own accord than current astronauts are afforded.

They later explored parts of the recent SpaceX plan to colonize Mars. While they admitted that last year’s announcement by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk “has moved us closer to Mars psychologically than anything in the past 20 years,” they advised against one aspect of his plan, which involves nuking the planet as a way to heat the it’s surface to a more habitable temperature. By NASA’s estimation, the heat of the combined arsenals of various nuclear powers, including the U.S. and Russia, would only amount to about four hours of Martian sunlight.

Though any colonization effort on Mars would be a long ways away, it’s important to start brainstorming now, so that fewer hurdles remain when that time comes.

The USS Nokomis 33rd Anniversary Picnic is in June

Please join us for the annual picnic at the home of Carol and Loren Evers at 11357 142nd St N, Stillwater, Minnesota. The meeting will be at noon and we'll eat at about 1:30 (or when the meeting is over). This is a potluck event, so bring your favorite food to share and your favorite meat to grill. You can comment on this post to tell everyone what you plan to bring, so we don't all bring the same thing!

Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection Named ‘Title of the Year’


50th Anniversary Star Trek Blu-ray Collection, Star Trek II, Roddenberry Vault Receive Awards

The Star Trek: 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection has been awarded the top prize Title of the Year along with Best Franchise Collection at the seventh annual Home Media Awards.

The Blu-ray box set, which celebrated Star Trek’s golden anniversary in 2016 was released by Paramount Home Media Distribution and CBS Home Entertainment in 2016. The collection includes all three seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series, the entire run of Star Trek: The Animated Series, and the first six Star Trek feature films starring the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, plus a bevy of bonus material.

Additionally, Star Trek II: The Director’s Cut won for Best Restoration, and The Roddenberry Vault for Best Extras/Bonus Material.

Other winners include: Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Best Digital Movie Release, Best A/V Quality, Blu-ray Movie and Fan-Favorite Title of the Year, HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season for TV on Blu-ray, Best Drama and Best Digital TV Release, Fox’s Deadpool for Best Theatrical Release on Disc and Best Comedy, and Fox’s The Revenant for Best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc.

Escape Room was Fun!

We had a really good time at Escape MSP on April 8th. There was a little bit of trepidation about how it would be to be locked in a room, placed in handcuffs, and so on. It turned out to be a hoot. The handcuffed group of 10 got out of them in minutes and the group of 10 with tough math problems mastered them! One of our groups mastered their room and got out with only moments to spare, while the other group missed a major clue and remained locked up. We're still in there, so maybe you can come visit us and bring food.

It was fun enough that most of us would like to go back to try a different room. We'll discuss this and see if we can get it back on the calendar.