It’s Time for 2017’s Super Swell Movie Night!

Our annual outdoor movie night moves back outdoors on August 26th. Your hosts this year will be Mary and Lynne (and Jack and Phill will back us up, of course). The fun starts at 7pm in the backyard of the Captain's Quarters.

The cost of the event is still $12 and includes your meal and entertainment. Please bring a beverage of your choice and something to sit on (most people bring chairs but blankets work, too). Please sign up online ASAP or let Mary know if you plan to attend so we can plan the amount of food. You can send a check to Mary or pay on PayPal for a nominal fee. We need to know who's coming by August 16th.

The only other thing you need to know is that there is Star Trek on the menu. Please join us for the fun, rain or shine!

More inside...

Meeting and Bowling Party on September 9th – Special Location

Dig out your bowling balls and shoes. Polish up those throws! Get ready to bowl your fingers numb!!

Following our September 2017 General Membership meeting we will again have free/open bowling at St. Francis School, 426 Osceola Avenue South in St Paul. The meeting is also at this location at noon, and then we'll bowl at 2pm. Following bowling, we'll have dinner together at a nearby location (most likely Boca Chica since we loved it last time).

Free balls, $1.00 shoes, free bowling–what’s not to love! You don't have to be a pro - just come and have a good time.

Captain’s Log – August 2017

Greetings, crew.

It's been a summer of emotion - both good and sorrowful. It will be good to see everyone at the movie night on August 26th and when we start our new year on September 9th. I don't have a lot to say, so take care until we are together again.


2017-2018 Calendar

Your governing board will be putting together the next year's calendar before the September meeting. If you have an idea for a social activity, fundraiser or charitable effort, let one of the board know as soon as possible.

CONvergence 2017

We had a great time at the convention this year. Many club members hung out in the room and enjoyed entertaining the guests. We had one room, featuring the curvy beams, bar, console and transporter. We served over 2,300 drinks, setting a new record.

Our theme this year was A Piece of the Action. We had some cute dolls and handsome guys, plus a few Starfleet personnel and civilians. Of course, we did it all by The Book.

Thanks so much to the numerous crew members that did the work. It's a big effort to load the truck, construct the room, work three late nights in a row, then take it all back down and pack it up. Everybody did a great job.

I always like to find the quote of the con, and here's the best one I heard this year. A young man came in the door, took a look around in awe, and breathed, "This is everything I want in life, right here!" That's what it's all about.

Milestone Blood Drive is a HUGE Success! Over 2,600 Lives Saved!

It's time for a big cheer for our continued life-saving efforts! On July 8th we had our 30th American Red Cross blood drive and it was great. We had the largest number of donors ever since our first blood drive in 2001, and we tied our best-ever final total at 45 pints of blood.

Special thanks go to Jane for her tireless recruitment efforts and to Roxanne for helping her throughout the drive, greeting donors and handing out gifts and answer questions.

Here's the best number of all: since we started we have helped the Red Cross collect 880 pints of blood. Since each pint can save up to three lives, that's over 2,600 lives touched by life-saving blood. This is truly remarkable, and you should all be very proud. What a great way to multiply our impact on our community!

Feed My Starving Children in July

We had 17 crew members and friends packing food at the Eagan location of Feed My Starving Children on July 17th. We packed 132 boxes of food, which equals 28,512 meals and will feed 78 kids for a year. There is a starving crisis right now in Africa, so our work was especially timely. Thanks to everyone who helped!

Captain’s Log – June 2017

Greetings, crew!

It's here - summer! I hope you are all enjoying the long-delayed nice weather. That prolonged period of rain was getting really old. We are looking forward to nice summer days and evenings in the next months.

We're coming to the end of our club year and we've had tons of fun this year. We'll be putting together the new calendar over the summer and it will be presented to the membership for approval at the September meeting. Everyone is welcome to bring items forward for addition to the calendar.  This year's new events have included the escape room outing and the upcoming Minnesota Orchestra event. If there's something fun you'd like to do, let a board member know soon.

Another thing that happens in September is dues payment. You are welcome to pay your yearly dues at any time between the June meeting and the September meeting, so please start thinking about it now. We have added an opportunity to pay by PayPal for your convenience.

And speaking of September for a while longer, don't forget our annual bowling party after the membership meeting on September 9th. We'll have the meeting in the St Francis Bowling Center (which is ours for the day) and we'll bowl afterwards for fabulous prizes. Then we'll go to dinner at nearby Boca Chica Restaurant, one of our favorites. Plan to join us!

I hope to see everyone at the anniversary meeting and picnic and at CONvergence. Enjoy the summer and see you around the galaxy!




CONvergence 2017

It's practically here, folks! CONvergence is coming in just weeks. If you haven't yet signed up to help with the loading, unloading or room time, please do so at the June meeting or let me know by email. We really need help or this process is overwhelming, so your help is really necessary! The loading will be done on Wednesday, July 5th at 6pm at the cargo bay, the unloading will be done at the hotel on July 6th at noon, and the teardown will be Sunday the 9th at 9am. Please, please, please sign up!

If you're helping in the rooms and don't have a costume, now's the time. Gangsters are easy to put together, but let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

We are going to have so much fun!

CONvergence Blood Drive 2017

Since the days of the early wooden sailings vessels, all captains have had one happy privilege - telling their crews about upcoming blood drives! Our next one is on July 8th, the Saturday of CONvergence. Last year we blew our record out of the water and put 55 donors on the bloodmobile. We'll be trying to match that again this year. If you can donate, please sign up at or let First Officer Jane know what time you'd like. If you sign up before the con it's easier to get your chosen time. Let's save some lives!