Mall Scavenger Hunt

A Mall scavenger hunt is a lot of fun. Each team of 2 or 3 people run around a shopping mall, locating and photographing the answers to clues.  The team with the most completed clues wins.

We've done this event a few times in the past, and we have one scheduled for November 11, 2017.  Sounds good, right?

There's a signup sheet available for you.

We'll let you know the rest of the plans at the October meeting.

Star Trek Discovery Premiere Viewing – September 24th

Star Trek Discover's first two hours will air on CBS, Sunday the 24th, and we'll be gathering as a group to view the event.

The ideal location has food, drink, and a big TV for us to see the show all the better, and we've found the place.  We'll meet at 6:30PM at the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery.  You might remember that location as the first stop on our 2017 Journey to Babble.

The main dining room has 35 seats, the side room another 20 or so. The first 35 to sign up get to sit in the main dining room, so don't delay!!  Please don't arrive early in the hopes of scoring a location in the dining room, we don't have the room until 6:30.

The show airs from 7:00 to 9:00 PM over the air.

Dinner after Bowling Has Moved

For those who signed up....The dinner tomorrow after bowling has been moved. Boca Chica has changed their policy and could not accommodate us. The new location is Joseph's Grill. The address is 140 Wabasha Street, just down from Boca Chica. If you are signed up, we'll see you at 5pm!

Bowling? Reserve Your Place at Dinner TODAY

Planning to bowl with the Nokomis on the 9th?  I'm sure you'd like dinner too.  We're headed to Boca Chica after bowling and they'd like reservations for a large party like us.

There's a sign up to reserve your place.  Since we don't have another meeting before the event the ONLY way to reserve a seat with the Nokomis folks is to sign up online.

We'll close out the reservations four days before the dinner, so SIGN UP TODAY.

You must be logged in to a valid account to view and sign up for event opportunities.

ZooBoo’s Finale Time is Here!

Celebrate Halloween without the Fright

All proceeds support the plants and animals of the Como Zoo and Conservatory.  The Nokomis has been helping out with this event since 1994 (this is our 23rd year).  We really want to help keep one of America's last free-admission zoos free.

Como Zoo will be transformed for Zoo Boo October 21st, 22nd and October 28th, 29th. Gates Open: 4:30-7:30 p.m. We're just four nights this year, so let's make them count.


Como Friends are starting to gear up for our annual Como Friends ZooBoo at Como Zoo event and hope that you can join us again!  Even returning volunteers need to fill out the Zoo's signup online - it just takes a minute.  You can find it here. Sign up to let the Nokomis know you're coming - all of the dates are on one online signup sheet.


The week before the event we have a workday set to break down product and kick off the event.  Consider taking on a station leader's role and join us October 14th.

On the morning of the first event night, Saturday October 21st, we'll be in full-on work to complete setups before the event.  We start at 9AM and hopefully we'll be done before the gates open.


Our folks will be heading up the new Halloween station, just inside the front gate.  We need to get there early (3PM), but we get done first.    Be sure to sign in up on the second floor of the Big Zoo Building - there are goodies for you there, and perhaps a surprise coupon.


Be sure to check with our folks at the first station, we'll get details there about the night's repast!  Hope to see you all there, all the time!

Sad news. Blair Keith has died. Memorial on July 21st.

Thursday, July 13th we lost our dear friend Blair Keith to the ravages of cancer.  He's been working through diagnoses and treatment options since mid April. Throughout the whole affair he's kept his optimistic view that he'd be one of the lucky ones who might be found the remedy.  It was not to be.

The true miracle in Blair's life has been all of you, his friends and family.  All of us carry memories, stories, jokes and good wishes with us.  He was one in a million, our Blair.

Join us on Friday for a memorial service and good stories. It will be held at the Dan Patch American Legion at 12375 Princeton Avenue in Savage, MN. The program will begin at 3pm with a formal memorial. We will then have an open time for sharing, so if you have a memory to share about Blair you'll have a chance to speak. After the program we'll have a light meal and time for fellowship. At 4:30 we'll have a toast to Blair in our own special way.

Many have asked if they should wear a costume. Although we are not designating this as a costume event, if you'd like to honor Blair in that way, please feel free.

If you have additional questions, let Mary know.

June Meeting and Anniversary Picnic 2017

This year’s anniversary picnic (and camp out) will be held at Loren and Carol Evers’ property. We own approximately 11 acres about 10 miles north of Stillwater (about 10 miles northeast of the old Madline farm). So there is plenty of room for all the fun-filled activities people would like to participate in.

The anniversary picnic will again be a potluck. So please bring something to grill and something to share. It will also be a BYOB event. We don’t have an extra refrigerator, but we’ll have cooler(s) available with plenty of ice. If anyone has a large cooler they can loan to the cause, please bring that along as well. We’ll be providing plates, napkins, cups, and utensils (of the paper and plastic variety).

Also, feel free to bring along your toys as long as you don’t mind them getting lost in the weeds or the lake.

For those of you who want to know where you will be headed, our address is: 11357 142nd St. N, Stillwater, MN 55082. We are exactly 8.5 miles north off 36 off of Manning Ave/Trail.

Loren and Carol Evers

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A Little Discovery to Savor

We'll very likely wind up scrambling to set up a group event as the date get solidified.  Here's a random collection of what we know.

From CBS Website, the Official show site, we have these tidbits

  • The show will premiere on CBS Television and then continue on CBS All Access for U.S. viewers.
  • The first season is 15 episodes; each episode including the TV premiere has a companion after-show on CBS All Access.
  • The first trailer and photos are on the site.
  • The show takes place about 10 years before the start of Captain Kirk’s five year mission.   If geekdom serves me right, this barely predates Captain Pike.
  • The website says ‘Premieres This Fall on CBS All Access’
  • Discovery will also have a companion comic series and a novel, all of which will be part of the Star Trek universe. This is a departure from the past when only the show and movies were canon.

From other more random but ‘official’ sites

  • Since it’s on streaming, the episode length will vary depending on the story. There will be a long overarching storyline into which each episode fits. (Bryan Fuller interview)
  • The budget for each episode is about $6-7 million US. (CBS quarterly financial statement)
  • Despite CBS All access being a subscription service there will still be commercials (Ad Age magazine)
  • As of May 2016 the principle filming for the first season is about 1/3 complete.
  • They are up to 11 major characters, one of which is likely to be a robot. There are at least a dozen semi-recurring roles (Variety)