Just Kidding…

Just a heads up. In the April 14 meeting cancellation, I referenced a theme for our CONvergence 2018 hospitality suite. We are NOT doing “Spectre of the Gun.” So NO gunslingers, sheriffs or Wyatt Earps. This was just a way to get people thinking about our commitment to a creative and busy event. So be ready when the actual theme is announced! We’ll need everyone’s eyes, hands and hearts ready to get involved.

Captain’s Log – April 2018

Greetings, Crew!

We had a fun and eventful March, with MarsCon, the MarsCon Blood Drive, the St Patrick's Beer Tasting Party and the Annual Chuckwagon. I am glad that I got to see so many of you!

I keep thinking that winter is over, but then another snow comes. You'd think that it can't go on forever, but it's Minnesnowta! Soon we'll have warm weather and lots more fun at our events. Come to the General Membership Meeting in April and hear about fun upcoming times including our anniversary picnic and meeting, Drinko de Mayo (yes, you read that correctly), CONvergence, the lake outing, Feed My Starving Children (summer edition), and more!

See you around the Galaxy!


Governing Board – Call for Nominations

This year is an even year, and that means an election. We are currently accepting nominations for all Governing Board positions. Nominations opened at the March General Membership Meeting and will continue until the vote is taken at the May General Membership Meeting. All positions are open to nomination. You can nomination another, or nominate yourself. Positions include:

  • Captain/President
  • First Officer/Vice President
  • Science Officer/Chief Financial Officer
  • Operations Officer/Secretary
  • Chief Medical Officer/Newsletter and Historian
  • Chief of Security/Membership

As of this writing, all incumbent officers have accepted a nomination to run for their office. Anyone can choose to run for an office, so step up if you have a desire to help guide your club.


St Patrick’s Day and Beer Tasting was Fun!!

Thanks to everyone that came to have fun with us on March 10th. We had a great time visiting, enjoying the wonderful food, and finding out what beer was the best. There were games, too, like a cutthroat session of "how many words can you make out of St Patrick's Day?"

This year we had 24 entries in the blind taste test. They ranged from non-alcoholic ginger beer to mead to every possible shade of ale, stout, porter and lager. There were some fun names, like Biscotti Cake Break and VooDoo Juicy, and beers from lots of places, from Grand Cayman and England to breweries across the United States.

The 15th annual winners of the USS Nokomis Bad Beer Board were Janalee and Charlie Wakefield for BMC Ale. The second best beer was Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, brought by Phill Goldman. The top prize went to Emma Frazee for Chocolate Coconut Stout. The best beer winners each took home Best Buy gift card prizes, while the Bad Beer Board is its own prize!

Thanks to Emma and Joey for hosting the event in their fantastic party room. What a great place for a get-together like this!

Mary & Jack


North Star Roller Derby — Saturday March 31st

Here's a last-minute event that was announced at the March 10th meeting:  the USS Nokomis will be attending a bout of the North Star Roller Derby on Saturday March 31st at 6:00 pm at the Warner Coliseum on the State Fairgrounds.  Tickets are only $15 for admission to the beer garden, and parking is free.  We need to have a list of committed ticket buyers by Tuesday March 13th.  These means you are absolutely committed to paying for the tickets!  Please contact either Mary Pucel or Roxanne Hill by the 13th.

Other event details:

Doors open at 5:00.  The venue has food and beverages available for purchase.  Half time entertainment by 4th Curtis.  There will be an after party sponsored by Can Can Wonderland.

For more information, check out northstarrollerderby.com

Hope to see you all there!



Captain’s Log – March 2019

Greetings, crew!!

March madness is upon us, and for the USS Nokomis that means a very busy month. First, we have MarsCon and the blood drive, plus the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair. This is followed by the General Membership Meeting and St Patrick's Day Beer Tasting Party on the second weekend. St Patrick's Day itself falls on the third weekend, for those of us who celebrate it. I have been participating in the Minneapolis parade as a Green Goddess for many, many years so that would be me, plus Emma these days. Finally, the very important Chuckwagon social and fundraiser falls on the last weekend of the month. I hope you're full of energy!!

All of these activities are very fun and important, but remember in particular that the Chuckwagon is our biggest fundraiser of the year. A lot of the other fun things we do hinge on this one day, so please come and bring friends and family. We put on a fun event and the cost is very reasonable. Plus, you can introduce unsuspecting others to your awesome Star Trek friends! Please make sure you remember about the 50-50 raffle, too. Even if you can't get people to come, a chance to win hundreds of dollars at very good odds, with proceeds going to charity, is a great way for people to help.

We have lots of fun coming up as the weather gets warmer (not yet warmer, I know). We'll start to emerge from our homes in to the wide world and enjoy a Drinko De Mayo, anniversary picnic, summer fun and CONvergence, and more.

Don't forget that this is an election year. If you are interested in running for a position on the Governing Board, nominations will be taken at the March, April and May meetings. Ask a board member if you want more information. The election will take place at the May General Membership meeting, so plan to attend.

See you around the galaxy!


15th Annual Beer Tasting Competition

The party takes place on March 10th at 5pm at the party room at Emma and Joey's apartment complex (at the same place we had the holiday party) . This room was so party-perfect that we decided to return. It's located at 2551 38th Avenue NE, St Anthony, Minnesota (there are two party rooms – this one is on the northwest corner of The Landings under the big fancy arch entry). We'll put some balloons or a sign up so it's easy to find, as some folks had trouble last time. Enter from the intersection of 38th Avenue NE and Stinson Boulevard and it will be the first part of the building you see on your right as you enter the complex.

You do not have to compete in the tasting to attend. You can merely attend the potluck and bring food to share. If you wish to enter the tasting, you should bring 4-6 bottles of your entry. All types of beer, hard cider, malt beverage, near beer, maltini, non-alcoholic beer or malternative are welcome. You can even enter a soda if you'd like to, as you never know what will win. In fact, last year's winner was a non-alcoholic option! We are competing in a blind taste test for fabulous prizes, and sometimes the cheapest, most unlikely beer has won. There is also the USS Nokomis Bad Beer Board, which has sometimes gone to the most well-known and expensive beer. You never know!

Bring food to share with the group, from a main dish to side dish to dessert. Bring your own beverage, too, besides any entry you bring for the tasting. Some games and good conversation will round out the evening.

Please join us for the fun. If you're planning to come, drop a note to me by email. It helps for planning. We hope you can all make it.



Chuckwagon Dinner and Auction is March 25th!

We hope every one of you will mark your calendars and plan to join us for this event on Sunday, March 25th at 2:00 pm. Once again, it's at the Dan Patch American Legion at 12375 Princeton Avenue, Savage MN 55378. This is a great location for a great time, so please invite your friends and family. The cost is still only $12.00 per person for a wonderful chili dinner with all the fixins!

It is very important for this event to be a success, as it is the biggest fundraiser of our year and allows us to do the fun things we do. You can purchase your own tickets, and those for friends and family, at the March meeting. We hope you will also sell some raffle tickets for the 50-50 raffle, which offers a chance to win big bucks at very high odds and at a low price. Tickets are just $5 for one and $10 for three! It's a great way to make money for your club and include those who can't attend. Get yours at the March meeting or contact Pam or Roxanne.

Join us for:

  • 2:oopm to 2:30pm: Social Time and Auction Viewing
  • 2:30pm to 3:25pm: Chuckwagon Chili Dinner served, plus Fun and Games
  • 4:15pm: Silent Auction closes
  • 3:00pm to 4:15pm: Door Prizes

We are keeping our Chili menu this year as it was such a success last year!!  Come try mild to spicy and white chilies, certainly one will be your heart's desire!!  Along with our auction items the claw machine will be back filled with toys and gift cards to some of our favorite restaurants and stores.

Grab your cowboy hats, boots, and your horse (if you have one), spouse, family, friends, quarters for the claw machine and come enjoy lots of fun with us!

Please reserve your spots by MARCH 10th so we can make sure there is plenty of Chili and fixings for everyone!

Chuck Wagon Dinner and Auction Fundraiser, 2018

Chuck Wagon Dinner
Sponsored by

MARCH 25th, 2018
at the
Dan Patch American Legion – Savage
12375 Princeton Ave
Savage, MN 55378
(Note the new location)

Cost is $12.00 per person

Social Time and Auction Viewing 2:00PM to 2:30PM
Chuck Wagon Chili Dinner Served, plus Fun and Games 2:30PM to 3:15 PM
Silent Auction Closes 4:15 PM
Door Prizes 3:00PM to 4:15PM

We are keeping our Chili menu this year as it was such a success last year!!  Come try mild to spicy and white Chili’s certain one will be your “hearts” desire!!  Along with our auction items the “claw” machine will be back filled with toys and gift cards to some of our favorite restaurants and stores.  Grab your cowboy hats, boots, and your horse (if you have one), spouse, family, friends, quarters for the claw machine and come enjoy lots of fun with us!

Please reserve your spots by MARCH 10th so we can make sure there is plenty of Chili and fixings for everyone!