Newsletter and Site Access Interruption – 5 April 6:35PM to 10:05PM

You may have noticed the newsletter didn't have pictures or would't click through.  If you tried to go to the website you got a message that the domain was disabled.  We're clear of that emergency, but it does illustrate how careful we need to be in our Internet lives.

We had the unfortunate timing to send a bulk email just as some other accounts on related servers were compromised.  We got flagged and shut down.  We didn't get hacked, and all our data is safe and intact and our site security is, well, ok.   We're protected three layers deep and still the rip-roaring finger of the Internet poked at us.

Take it as a lesson.  Use strong passwords.  Keep your firewall up and active, and don't allow exceptions if at all possible.  Keep your virus scanner up and running, and up to date.  And finally, make sure your PC is fit enough for internet relations.

  • Phill
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