Scheduling Library Locations for Meetings – from the First Officer’s Desk

Greetings, Fellow Crew Members!

We’ve had inquiries recently about library locations for our monthly meetings. I thought it might be helpful to share some information about how meeting locations are scheduled.

Scheduling a Site

  • We schedule meetings at libraries in several Metro counties. Each county has its own scheduling methods, reservation deadlines and requirements.
  • We often end up competing with the libraries themselves for the room scheduling (especially during the winter months) due to library programming. (Recently, over 20 libraries were unavailable to us for scheduling of our Mar 2017 meeting, for this very reason.)
  • A new (and exciting!) requirement for meeting locations is now the meeting room size. With our happy addition of so many new members, we now take room capacity into consideration for selecting a site.


I try to schedule meeting locations on a rotating basis. We have a very diverse crew, with members living all over the Twin Cites Metro area (and some even farther out). The goal is to keep the rotation as consistent as possible. General areas include:

  • North Metro
  • Central Metro
  • South Metro locations

That’s All For Now…Trek On!

First Officer Jane Dusek

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