St Patrick’s Party and Beer Tasting

Hey, folks. It's time again to bring your favorite beer or wine or soda or other beverage you think can win a prize, so you can try to win a prize. You can try to win the best beer prizes or the Bad Beer Board. Just remember that most of the time, those who covet one will, oddly enough, win the other.

Jack and I are hosting the event on March 18th after the March membership meeting. It will be in one of the large suites on the first floor of the DoubleTree Hotel in Bloomington (7800 Normandale Boulevard), right by the hot tub. You are invited to bring food to share and your swimsuit and towel. In past years, many have chosen to take a room at the hotel. As of this writing, there are rooms available for as little as $89, so get your reservation now. We'll start at 5pm and the beer tasting and potluck buffet will begin at 5:30pm. We'll play some games and hang out, and in the morning the remaining folks will go to breakfast.

Here is a reminder of the rules for the blind taste testing:

Rule #1: The decision of the judges is final. Don't whine.

Rule #2: You may bring any beverage of your choice - it doesn't need to be beer. Bring at least six bottles of beer, or the equivalent in ounces.

Rule #3: Eat before you taste. Eat while you taste. Eat after you taste. This will ensure your ability to make it through to the end and still be able to taste.

Rule #4: If necessary, cleanse your palate with the provided oyster crackers.

Rule #5: Don't push or crowd. Trampling your fellow tasters is not only impolite, it will disqualify you. See rule #1. There is enough for everyone and all night to finish.

Final rule: Have fun. Tip the judge. Well, you don't have to, but she'd like it.

And then there's the St Patrick's Day aspect of the evening. Wear green if you have it!

Any questions? Ask Mary.

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