Star Trek (2009) Complete Film with Live Orchestra!

Nokomis sign-up deadline is Sunday February 19th!


LIVE AT ORCHESTRA HALL!  Friday July 14th, 7:30 pm.  -- ticket cost: around $65

See the full film with Michael Giacchino's thrilling score played live to picture!

The Nokomis will be purchasing a group of tickets for this concert, but we need to know if you are planning to attend!  Since the Minnesota Orchestra is offering a discount to groups of 10 or more, we will be purchasing a block of tickets next week, so we need your FIRM COMMITMENT to this concert by this Sunday, February 19th.  While payment will not be needed before the 19th, you will be committing to paying for a concert ticket or tickets.  If you have not signed up for this event at the meeting, please contact a board member to let them know you are planning on going.  Further details on payment and exact cost will be coming soon.


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