The 2017 Photo Calendar Is Available – Order Now!

UPDATE: JAN 7 2017...

OK...I was able to ORDER the 2017 calendar from Walmart.

Cost: $9.99; shipping (4-7 days) to my home for 97-cents; sales tax was 78-cents...Total was $11.75. PayPal payment is now available on the Walmart site for your purchase.

How to Order: (1) Go to this link to Preview the calendar. [NO CHANGES, Please!~!~!]:

(2) Next: Select the "Done" button at the top of the page.  1 Calendar will load into your Cart. Proceed to checkout.

Let me know if you run into any problems.



Hi Folks...

There's been a delay in getting the 2017 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar up and running and ready for purchase.

The calender is done, but the Walmart website server is proving to be unstable, and at the moment it's not allowing checkout and purchase of the calendar.

I am working with Walmart to get the problem fixed, and I will have the Preview and Purchase links posted here just as soon as I can get them working.

Price is $10 per calender, with shipping to your home for only 97-cents.

Watch this space for more details and the purchase link soon...And Thanks for your patience.

First Officer Jane Dusek. / 5 JAN 2017

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