2019 Movie Night Recap

We had lots of fun under the stars at the movie night on August 17th. The theme this year was Food, Glorious Food, and our episodes included By Any Other Name (TOS), Body and Soul (VOY) and Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG). Can you figure out how each one of those is related to food? Truthfully, we would have gone on to another one, but the big storm was approaching. We cleaned up just in time!

Our food was great. We had Denebian Porcupine Balls, Hasperat, Smashed Leola Root, Berry Nut Greens, Horta Eggs (Mocha and Peanut Butter) and Orange Cheesecake of the Prophets. Of course, no movie night is complete without fresh-popped corn!

Thanks to everyone that came, and special thanks to Lynne and Dawn for helping with the food, and Phill for his audio/visual expertise!

Mary & Jack

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