2022 Annual Chuckwagon is Coming Up!

Our event this year is on October 16th and we hope everyone can come and/or support it. We'll be having our usual yummy chili dinner with all the fixins, plus dessert and light beverages (cash bar is available).

The most important things you can do to support our yearly fundraiser are:

  • Sell tickets!
    • The admission price this year is $13 (finally up a buck after all these years). You can collect the money and bring it to the event, or you can submit it electronically via PayPal or Venmo. You don't need to have a paper ticket to the event - just let us know that you and your friends are coming and how many you are bringing. We'll have a list at the door of those who have paid. Note that we need to know in advance to plan the food (no surprises at the door, please). We need to let the venue know our count by October 8th, so please make sure to let us know who is coming!
    • This years 50-50 raffle benefits Ukraine Relief. You can buy/sell single tickets for $5 or three for $10. Again, you don't need a paper ticket as long as you send us the names to go in the drawing, and you can turn in your money online or at the event. We will also be selling them at the event, so bring your money!!!
    • For both of the ticket types, you can print or email copies if you like. The files are posted below - just click and print/email. People you are selling to may want one, so here they are:
  • Donate items for sale!
    • A big portion of our proceeds each year come from our action and we need items. A wide variety of items are accepted, as long as they are new. Star Trek memorabilia should be donated only if unique. Handmade items like quilts, services (like cake baking) and interesting trinkets are great. Baskets are always fun, for movie nights or pampering or cooking or the sky's the limit. When you know what you're donating, please contact Roxanne with the following: 1) item name, 2) short description, 3) donor name, 4) value of item, 5) minimum bid, 6) value for quick sale. If you have questions about these details, Roxanne can help you to decide.
  • Donate Cash and Grab items! If you have smaller items that don't fit well in the auction, Cash and Grab is another option. Label the items with their name. We'll mark the price at the event.

Please do take the time to support this event in these ways. We hope to be back to more events this coming year, and our treasury can use a boost! Most importantly, we look forward to seeing you.

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