A message from Mark Uecker…

USS Nokomis Friends,

Gosh! What can I say? It’s been 31 or 32 years since we started the lake weekend tradition. My hair was a different color. My waistline was smaller. My car likely had crank windows without backup cameras, blind side indicators, GPS, or any other of those space age star trek type of gadgets. The internet did not exist. And, some of you weren’t even born. At least our TV had color even if the choices were mostly limited to the major networks.

Thank you all for years of memories, late night fires, excess carb weekends, plus supportive and set in stone friendships. We’ve gone from the old cabin weekends which included tent cities, the wrong side of the tracks, porta potties, fireworks and fireworks with a Viking ship sinking, fish fries, and even some skinny dipping. For Karen, the USS Nokomis has been a constant joy in her life. She looked forward to the lake weekend every year as it brought all the people she treasured into one venue for a long weekend of fun and possible debauchery.

You have always been good courteous guests. I am truly appreciative of the acceptance, understanding, and friendship that each of you offered this past weekend as Karen struggles with her frontal temporal lobe dementia. She really wanted one final weekend as she cares deeply for her Nokomis family and the bonds of friendship. I’m not a true star trek fan (I’m another type of geek); but, the bond between Nokomis members mirrors the bond I have with members of the National Lutheran Choir.

So, I thank each one of you for your friendship over the years. If that sounds like a cliché or even trite, please know that one of the most positive aspects of the Nokomis family which I have witnessed over the years is that you are always there for each other with support, time, transportation, weddings, funerals – whatever is needed. Just knowing that someone cares has a therapeutic effect and is appreciated by the person in need. It matters.

I will do my best to get Karen to Nokomis meetings and events as she is able and it’s logistically possible. In the meantime, I know she would enjoy a short email () from time to time. It’s the best way in which you can show support.

Until we see you again, live long and prosper.


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