Ebay Store Update

The Nokomis eBay store continues to run just fine. eBay recently changed the format for listing items to sell, so pages have been updated and are going back up.
The name of the Nokomis store is: stcollectibles7

If you have questions, or items to donate to the store, let me know.

2021 Calendar is ready!

This year's calendar is a little different, and a lot more fun.  You can view the preview at this Walmart Photo link.

Unfortunately, Walmart will not let me put text into the grid for the dates each month. Therefore, the meetings and events that we have on the docket for 2021 will not be listed this year.

If you want to order the calendar, send $17.50 -- cost, tax and shipping -- to my email through paypal to:   .

Send me an email with your mailing address, if I don't have it on file from years past, and I will order your calendar to be shipped directly to your home.

If you have a Walmart photo account you may be able to order your own, too.

Order Your 2020 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar Now!

The 2020 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar Is Here and Ready to Order!

As in previous years, contact Jane Dusek with your mailing address and the number of calendars your would like to order. If you have her personal e-mail or cell number, feel free to e-mail her or text her with your information, and she will send your confirmation info to you. Otherwise, contact Jane through the First Officer email here on the website.

Alternately, if you want to pick-up your calendar at your local Walmart, let Jane know which one you want to go to for pick-up.

The prices have gone up, unfortunately, but the calendar is still on sale at Walmart. The price is now 12.95 (up $3 from before) and cost of shipping to your home is now $4.

So total order costs per calendar right now are coming in at about $18.25-18.50 including shipping to your home, and sales tax.

Order SOON to get the best prices!!!

Enjoy, and have a great 2020!

The 2019 Nokomis Calendar is ready to order!


It's Here!

Order your 2019 USS Nokomis Calendar from Walmart by contacting Jane Dusek with your home mailing address (for home delivery); or with the location of your favorite local Walmart for pick up (we'll see if that can work this year).

You can reach Jane by PM on Facebook, or by email at .

The cost is STILL $10.00. Your sales tax will be about 75-99¢, and home delivery is still $2.50-3.00. Both depend on your zip code.

The price is the annual sale price, so order soon!

Happy New Year!

The 2018 USS Nokomis Calendar is Ready to Order!

It's Here!

Order your 2018 USS Nokomis Calendar from Walmart  though Jane using the signup sheet here. You can have it delivered to your home or to your local WalMart.  Note: The link you saw earlier will only work if you're Jane.

Cost is $10.00. Your (est.) tax will be about 75-99 cents, and shipping (est.) is 2.75 for home delivery...both will depend on your zip code. You can alos select pick-up from your local Wal-mart, if you prefer.

The price is the annual sale price, so order soon!

Happy New Year!

The Nokomis returns to A Klingon Christmas Carol 2017

The Dickens you say? QaPla!

As part of our holiday festivities this year, we will be returning to the Historic Mounds Theatre for A Klingon Christmas Carol on Saturday, December 16th, at 7:30 pm. This is a Klingon parody version of the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol presented in Klingon with English narration and subtitles. Many Nokomis members have attended this play in the past and recommend it highly.

Since the Mounds Theatre is a small venue and the play is expected to sell out, we need to move at warp speed to secure a block of seats together.

The cost of a ticket is $20 including theater fee and you can purchase your ticket using this link: Vendini Tickets

See you there!

Visit the USS Nokomis eBay Store

Greetings Nokomis Crew…

As you know, the club has an eBay Store where we are selling/auctioning Star Trek Collectibles, with proceeds going to the Club.

Currently we have 6 items on the site, all of which were generously donated from the Estate of Juana Mann.

The eBay store can be found with this link:  https://www.ebay.com/usr/stcollectibles7

Stop by and have a look…there are some interesting and rare items on-offer right now.

There are only a couple months before the Holidays…Get your “Trek-Mass” shopping done yearly this year.

Until Next Time, Trek On!

First Officer Jane Dusek.

2017 Photo Calendars – Update

The 2017 Photo Calendar is still available for purchase. The price has now increased back to Walmart's regular price of $17.47

Your link for ordering at Walmart.com is:


When you get to the Calendar page, click the "Done" button at the top. The calendar will then load into your Cart, and you can procced to purchase.

Shipping the Calendar to your home is 97-cents, and sales tax is 78-cents. Walmart does offer PayPal for your payment.

If you run into any issues while trying to order, please contact me and I will help you get your calendar.


The 2017 Photo Calendar Is Available – Order Now!

UPDATE: JAN 7 2017...

OK...I was able to ORDER the 2017 calendar from Walmart.

Cost: $9.99; shipping (4-7 days) to my home for 97-cents; sales tax was 78-cents...Total was $11.75. PayPal payment is now available on the Walmart site for your purchase.

How to Order: (1) Go to this link to Preview the calendar. [NO CHANGES, Please!~!~!]:


(2) Next: Select the "Done" button at the top of the page.  1 Calendar will load into your Cart. Proceed to checkout.

Let me know if you run into any problems.



Hi Folks...

There's been a delay in getting the 2017 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar up and running and ready for purchase.

The calender is done, but the Walmart website server is proving to be unstable, and at the moment it's not allowing checkout and purchase of the calendar.

I am working with Walmart to get the problem fixed, and I will have the Preview and Purchase links posted here just as soon as I can get them working.

Price is $10 per calender, with shipping to your home for only 97-cents.

Watch this space for more details and the purchase link soon...And Thanks for your patience.

First Officer Jane Dusek. / 5 JAN 2017