Captain’s Log – May 2015

Hey folks, it's really spring! I am so happy to be looking at green buds, but sad that the school year is nearing its close. That means our two high school seniors, Shannon and Harrison, will be done soon. How did they grow up so fast?

Speaking of fast, we are fast approaching CONvergence. Information can be found elsewhere on the website and in the newsletter. Please come and join us in the fun.

Another super fun thing is coming up on May 9th after the membership meeting. Scott is hosting the Galaxy Quest Road Rally. If you haven't yet joined one of his road rallies, you are missing out! If you don't have a partner, don't worry. Just come to the meeting and we'll find one for you. We'll all go to eat after the meeting, so if one of your group wants to play and the others don't you can meet up at the end. This is one of my very favorite things we do all year, so I am really looking forward to it!

We have started to extend more invitations to the other fan clubs in town, for more of our events. If you have friends who want to come by and check us out, tell them not to be shy. We want to share our fun with everyone. There are very few events that are not open to friends and family who want to see what we're all about - if you have questions about that, let a board member know.

We'll see each other at two membership meetings in May. Make sure to come to the anniversary picnic at the end of the month for our end-of-the-year get-together. We're a bit more informal during the summer, with no meetings in July and August. However, there are lots of fun events, and we'll go over everything at the two May meetings so you know what to expect. As always, keep your eyes on the website for up-to-the-minute news that can't wait for the newsletter.

See you around the galaxy!


St. Pi’s Day Party was FUN!

On 3/14/15 we had the annual beer tasting and potluck party. This year we merged the St Patrick's Day motif (some were dressed in green) and the once-in-a-century Pi Day observance. At 9:26:53 we dropped a pie in honor of the moment (note that Pi = 3.141592653...). Not too many others can say that!

The group really outdid itself with the round food theme. We have round cheese, meat, bread, cookies, cake, appetizers, potatoes, salads and more! We actually had to start placing food on the bed because we had so many great items. Great job, everybody.

The beer tasting had lots of entrants this year and we tasted in four rounds, two semi-finals and a final round. The ultimate winner was Barb Pucel with Shiner Birthday Beer, which is brewed with chocolate malt and real cocoa. The second place prize went to Jane Dusek for her Brau Brothers Moo Joos, a classic oatmeal milk stout. It's interesting to note that this is the first year we have seen two dark beers win the prizes. They were both yummy. The coveted (or maybe not) USS Nokomis Bad Beer Board went to Joann Hall, whose beer was so yucky we can't mention the name. Congratulations to all, and see you again next year!

Mary and Jack

Captain’s Log March 2015

Did you smell that whiff of warm air outside? Did you see the palm trees? I did – either in my dreams or on my work trip to California. Either way, they were pretty, and they reminded me that spring begins this month! Let’s get through the March snowstorms and on into the thaw.

I hope we get to see everyone at the party on the 14th. You only get one chance each century to celebrate Pi Day, so this may be your only chance!

The passing of Leonard Nimoy has affected many of us quite a bit. I have heard multiple comments like “it literally took my breath away” and “this is the big one.” It’s hard to believe that he is gone, and somehow it’s so much more impactful that other losses we have endured. Is it because this tips the scales and we have now lost so many, or that Leonard was just such a good guy? It’s probably a combination, but for me it’s the latter. Of all the stars I have worked with in my travels, he was the most………………Seriously, he was a good man and he did many things for many people. I know that we will all miss him. We all have a chance to honor him by donation of blood or money - see the article on the website/newsletter. And that's all I have to say about that.

See you around the galaxy!


Fourteen Things We Didn’t Know About Leonard Nimoy

We probably know a lot more about Leonard than many people, but Variety published a great article about some obscure talents and experiences that even die-hard fans may not know. Here is an excerpt from that article:

  • The first reference of “Leonard Nemoy,” as he was billed in some of his earliest appearances, came in the Oct. 17, 1950, edition noting that he had joined the cast of the C-grade indie film “Queen for a Day.” It was stitched together from three segments featured on the radio program of the same name that later transferred to TV.
  • Nimoy scored in his first mention in a Variety review in the April 17, 1952, edition, for his work in the C-grade indie “Kid Monk Baroni,” in which he plays a hoodlum from Little Italy who turns himself around by becoming a boxer. The reviewer found the pic mostly forgettable except that it “serves to introduce a young actor named Leonard Nimoy in the title role. He is a capable juve who merits attention.” Roles in “The Brain Eaters,” “Zombies of the Stratosphere” and “Them!” would follow.

  • Nimoy’s tour of duty in TV Westerns and dramatic anthology series of the late 1950s and early 1960s is well-documented in Variety’s casting notices. In the March 22, 1961, edition, Nimoy’s talent agency took out a small ad to tout his guest shot in a “Wagon Train” episode — a precursor of things to come, as Gene Roddenberry would later pitch “Star Trek” to NBC as “‘Wagon Train’ to the stars.”
  • By 1962, Nimoy and Vic Morrow, star of ABC’s “Combat,” teamed to option the film rights to Jean Genet’s “Deathwatch,” according to an item in the Sept. 24, 1962, edition. The pair plan “independent filmization” of the project about two male prisoners fighting over the affections of a third inmate. The project becomes a six-year, $125,000-odyssey for Nimoy and Morrow, who directed. Paul Mazursky and Michael Forrest co-starred with Nimoy, with Gavin MacLeod in a small role. Nimoy and Morrow faced IATSE picketing during their non-union shoot in 1964 and indifference from distributors. The pair finally decided to book it into select theaters themselves, starting in San Francisco in 1966. It was picked up for limited distribution by Beverly Pictures in 1968.

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Leonard Nimoy Memorial Blood Drive at MarsCon

As fans throughout the world struggle with ways to honor and remember Leonard, we have found a great opportunity to do both. We offered our services to the MarsCon convention committee, and they have accepted.

On Saturday, March 7th, the 10th annual USS Nokomis blood drive at MarsCon will be dedicated to Leonard Nimoy's memory. We have extended the hours to 10:30 am to 4:30 pm to accommodate more blood donors and added additional signup slots. If the day goes smoothly, we may be able to collect up to 50 units of life-saving blood. That's a potential of 150 lives we can touch in honor of our favorite Vulcan.

We also have another duty that day. We will be accepting donations from convention attendees for the COPD Foundation, one of the charities designated by the Nimoy family. As Leonard died of end-stage COPD and the Foundation's mission is to educate, prevent and treat COPD, the convention committee and our board members believe that it is a perfect choice.

If you are not planning to attend MarsCon, please consider dropping by to donate blood or bring your COPD Foundation donations to the March meeting.


MarsCon 2015

We will have a room at the convention this year on March 6th through 8th. Since the theme of the con is "Heroes and Wizards and Fae, OHhh MYyy!", what would be better than a reboot of our very successful Wizard of Oz room? We have many characters so far, including Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, Glinda and others. We really could use a Tin Man, so if you're interested please let me know ASAP.

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St. Pi’s Party is March 14th!

For quite a few years, Jack and I have hosted beer tasting parties. First, they were at my house with food and beer. Then, we upgraded to the Barn Tasting Beer Dance and enjoyed several years of bonfires and dancing with our food and beer. Recently, we've hosted the parties at hotels where a soak in the hot tub was substituted for the dancing with the food and beer. This seems to be working pretty well, so we're at it again this year. However, our traditional date is a pretty big deal this year. Why? Think about the date. 3.14.15. Sound familiar? It should - it's PI! Therefore, instead of having a St Patrick's Day party, we're calling it the St Pi Day's party. 

You are invited to the Residence Inn Roseville at 2985 Centre Pointe Drive, Roseville MN 55113 any time after 4:30 pm on March 14th (the day of our March meeting). Please bring some food to share. Let's see how many people can bring Pi-themed food. Think about it all of the possibilities: anything round will work, including anything in a round bottle or bowl, meatballs, cookies, etc. You could even bring a square pizza, since Pie Are Squared! I can guarantee that we will have a special toast at It will only come once in our lifetimes!
And then, of course, there's the beer. Please bring at least a six-pack of your favorite to enter. We will taste in elimination rounds and the tasting will be blind. Two winners will be chosen, along with the winner of the coveted Bad Beer Board. The decisions of the judge will be final. Don't forget to eat between rounds!
If you'd like to get a room at the hotel, visit . Studio rooms start at $103 and "sharable" rooms start at $113 (today's rate). See you there.

January Dance – Disney Style

We had a great time at the Fort Snelling Officer's Club on the 17th of January at our 14th annual dance. Our lovely meals of Champagne Chicken or Strip Loin of Beef were delicious and we topped them off with Peach Cobbler. We were so fortunate to have both our favorite bartender, Gary, and our favorite DJ, Rob, to celebrate the night with us. The music was perfect for our Disney theme, reminding us that there are lots and lots of danceable songs in the movies! We had villains like Cruella de Vil and Narissa, leading men like Bert the Chimneysweep and Prince Charming, beauties like Snow White and Fantasia Fairy, and assorted other human and animal characters. Sometimes you even had to guess! It was quite lovely and I hope that everyone had a great time. See you next year!


Captain’s Log – February 2015

Captain's Log - March 2015

Greetings, crew! Happy Valentine's Day, late. Happy St Patrick's Day, early. We aren't having a St Patrick's Day party this year, but we have a lovely alternative for you. See the article about the event in the newsletter and on the website.  

It's a little early for me to report on the success of our Feed May Starving Children packing, but you can check out the results on the website. It's pretty neat for everyone to be able to go online and check for what's going on without having to wait until the newsletter comes out. Check it out for the most up-to-date information. 

It's been a rough month for us. Losing our friend Juana was devastating. It was immensely gratifying to see so many of you at the funeral. When we were asked to raise our hands, we sure made a showing! A standing-room-only crowd was a wonderful testament to the loving and special woman she was. We were all very lucky to have had her in our lives. As we move forward, she will live in our memories and our photographs. I hope that Juana has joined with our other lost crewmates and is enjoying a laugh and a hug. 

See you around the galaxy!

Captain Mary

Feed My Starving Children in January

Duefmsclogo to popular demand, we are returning to Feed My Starving Children to pack meals for children in need. During the summer, we packed over 15,000 meals in an hour and a half, and we can do so again! Join us on January 27th from 6 to 7:30 pm at the Coon Rapids location. Following the packing, we will have dinner at a nearby restaurant. Sign up today at