Book Donation Opportunity at the Anniversary Picnic

Hi All,

I have a friend Jennie, that is a volunteer at the Isanti County Jail. She works with the inmates (primarily women), in a library/reading program plus more. She has just started a reading tutoring program for males & females, & also helps provide the inmates children with books. She also collects used magazines & books for the libraries- there are 4. She is asking for donations of used (or new) books in all genres, for adults, but children’s books are also appreciated. I have been assisting her by asking friends if they have books they would like to get rid of/donate to a worthy cause.

I plan to be at the Nokomis Anniversary picnic & could collect them then. All genre are welcome-SciFi, Mystery, Romance, Historical, Etc. Men’s, Women’s, adult, youth, & children’s.

Thanks. Karen Uecker

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