Captain’s Log – February 2020

Greetings, crew!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new series, Star Trek Picard. As of this writing there are only two episodes out and I love them! We had a great time at the premier party at the Town Hall Brewery, enjoying good food and time with friends. When will the next premier party be? How's this for precision: it will be between April and October of this year when the third season of Discovery begins. We'll just nail that down later.

There are several fun opportunities to do good in our community coming up in the next weeks. First, you can be a judge at the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair on February 28th. Check it out at It's really fun, so join us! The other opportunity is the 15th Annual MarsCon Blood Drive on the next day - February 29th. Sign up for the time of your choice at, sponsor code MarsCon, or contact First Officer Jane at .

I hope to see you all at the February meeting.

Captain Mary


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