Captain’s Log, July 2021

Greetings, Crew!

It's here - our 37th anniversary, in-person, fun in the sun, happy to see your faces, meeting and picnic! I hope to see you on Sunday at noon for a short touch-base meeting, followed by relaxation and visiting. Bring your grillable items and your choice of other food items - no pot luck this year - to enjoy. Don't forget a beverage. We'll have a hot grill, some games, and maybe a little surprise.

OK, it's not a surprise - it's a Peep toss. I have to warn you, because without our official Peepmaster things could go south pretty quick. This will be an abbreviated version of the typical extravaganza, but those of you that love to fling the little friends will get to do so. Remember, no piercing the Peep (you can't stick it on an arrow), no explosives (yes, it's happened), and no fire (don't ask). There will be fabulous prizes.

Here's another heads-up: we will be having a meeting in August. It will be virtual via Zoom and we'll have updates for you on the September after-meeting plans, the Chuckwagon, and other upcoming events. The meeting will be on August 14th at noon.

See you around the Galaxy, and at the picnic!


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