Captain’s Log – June 2017

Greetings, crew!

It's here - summer! I hope you are all enjoying the long-delayed nice weather. That prolonged period of rain was getting really old. We are looking forward to nice summer days and evenings in the next months.

We're coming to the end of our club year and we've had tons of fun this year. We'll be putting together the new calendar over the summer and it will be presented to the membership for approval at the September meeting. Everyone is welcome to bring items forward for addition to the calendar.  This year's new events have included the escape room outing and the upcoming Minnesota Orchestra event. If there's something fun you'd like to do, let a board member know soon.

Another thing that happens in September is dues payment. You are welcome to pay your yearly dues at any time between the June meeting and the September meeting, so please start thinking about it now. We have added an opportunity to pay by PayPal for your convenience.

And speaking of September for a while longer, don't forget our annual bowling party after the membership meeting on September 9th. We'll have the meeting in the St Francis Bowling Center (which is ours for the day) and we'll bowl afterwards for fabulous prizes. Then we'll go to dinner at nearby Boca Chica Restaurant, one of our favorites. Plan to join us!

I hope to see everyone at the anniversary meeting and picnic and at CONvergence. Enjoy the summer and see you around the galaxy!




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