Captain’s Log – October 2019

Greetings, and welcome to winter, or summer, or fall, or something! The temperature has swung over 40 degrees in the last week, so I’m not quite sure.

Please plan to join us for the annual recognition ceremony at the October meeting. We’ll talk about what we did this year and remember all the fun, plus look back over the years. There will be some awards, and a special CONvergence report. It’s a great time to come if you haven’t paid your dues this year, too (hint, hint). After the meeting we will surely have a good meal together and continue the nice day.

Another great time will be had by all at the November meeting, and not just because the meetings are so riveting! Nope, it’s also because we’ll have our annual bake sale. Bring some baked goods if you can, even if you didn’t bake them with your own hands (but we’d love it if you did). Better yet, bring some cash to buy the yummies that other people bring. This is an important fundraiser, so get a treat for all of your friends.

This is super important – we are going in to heavy planning mode for the 35th Anniversary party on December 7th and we need lots of hands. Please plan to attend the planning meeting on and to help us make it a blast. Come and help, and come to the planning meeting on October 12th. More in the newsletter below.

If you missed the September meeting, you missed the awesome new calendar we’ve put together for the next year. Keep checking back on the website for updates, and we hope to see everybody at the upcoming events!

See you around the galaxy!

Captain Mary

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