Captain’s Log September 2017

Greetings, Crew!

Here we are, back to a new year of fun. September is the beginning of our club year and we have lots of great things in store, as always. We'll start out on the 9th with our general membership meeting and annual bowling party. We've invited the other clubs to attend, so help pass the word if you know folks who'd like to come. We hope you'll join us at Boca Chica afterwards, so please add your name to the list for the reservation.

At the September meeting we always unveil our upcoming calendar. You'll hear all of the things the Governing Board proposes for October 2017 to December 2018. Then the membership will approve that calendar and we'll start to plan. Keep in mind that the calendar is always evolving, so any social or charitable event you crave could become a reality. Just suggest it to a board member for consideration.

If you haven't come to the last few October meetings, you'll want to make it this year. This will be our third annual awards session and review of our year. It's amazing what fun things we do!

We are currently looking for a fun activity for our December calendar, so if you have an idea let's hear it! We've done everything from outdoor activities to fancy parties to theater outings, so anything is fair game. We'll discuss this decision at the September meeting.

I hope everybody is enjoying the late summer offerings in the area, from the Fair to the RenFest to apple orchards and more. See you around the galaxy!


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