Captain’s Log September 2018

Hello, crew!

I hope you are all enjoying the festival season. Between the Fair, Renaissance Festival and many other Fall favorites, it's a very full time. We also have several fun things in store, including our September meeting and bowling party and the Super Duper Movie Night. Please join us at these fun activities!

We also have two other important happenings in September. First, everyone's dues are due to be paid by the end of the month. If you can't make the meeting, please make sure you get in touch with a board member to pay or use PayPal on the website. Second, we will be planning our 2018-2019 calendar. If you have a fun idea for an event, a fundraising idea, or some meaningful way for us to contribute to our community, please bring your thoughts to a board member ASAP. We'll be putting forward our proposal for the new calendar at the September meeting. Keep in mind that anything goes, as long as we have enough people who want to participate. It also helps if you are willing to do the leg-work to get us the information and help organize the crew.

Have a great Fall, and see you around the galaxy!


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