Captain’s Log: September 2021

Happy Star Trek Day!

I hope everyone will be able to join us at the General Membership Meeting this Saturday. We'll be virtual this month, via Zoom.

As always, September means two things for us (well, aside from Star Trek Day, but that goes without saying). First, remember that dues are due for everyone, regardless of join date. Please follow the instructions on the Join Us page. You can pay by PayPal, Venmo, or by mailing a check. There's a great article (coincidentally dated September 8, 2020) on the website if you need additional details.

Second, September brings a new calendar of upcoming events. Your Governing Board has put together a plan and will share it at Saturday's meeting. We'll go through it from October 2021 to December 2022 and give everyone an opportunity to ask questions and suggest additions, then officially vote in our plan. Remember that anyone can suggest an event and that we'll consider pretty much anything. It helps if you're willing to lead the event, of course, but it's not mandatory. We're looking forward to the discussion.

After this weekend's meeting we will share several important updates, so stay tuned for next week's newsletter if you can't make the meeting!

See you around the Galaxy!


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