Captain’s Log, Supplemental: February 17, 2021

Greetings, Crew!

We are now officially into our 12th month of virtual activities! Here are some great ideas for you to do on your keyboard:

  • Send me an email with some of your favorite recipes to be included in our upcoming cookbook. If you don't want to type out the whole thing, Google your recipe and see if you can cut and paste instead. Grandma's recipe may have more or less of a particular ingredient, but you can easily adjust that. I've found the most obscure recipes right there on the internet!
  • Jot down a few facts about yourself and email them to me. We had so much fun playing the Nokomis Members Quiz on Saturday that we're planning to do it again. Even if you've already sent something, bring 'em on! Really, it's fun to learn silly little facts and surprising tidbits about each other, and the competition is fun too!

We're coming out of our cold snap now, so here's hoping for warm days ahead! See you around the Galaxy!


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