Captain’s Log, Supplemental: July 14, 2021

Greetings, Crew!

Wow, did we have a great time at the Anniversary Picnic on Saturday! It was so great to see people NOT on the Zoom screen and very tiny. We had a few members join on Zoom by phone, and thanks to Phill had pretty good success with the hybrid approach. Because we haven't been in person for over a year, we had loads of awards and promotions stacked up. Many people received commendations for the points they accrued during our hiatus. Since points are gained every time you attend a meeting, participate in a fundraiser, host or come to a social activity, etc., we all kept right on gaining the whole time. Here's a reminder - if you are not able to attend a meeting you can drop a board member a line so you can get credit for calling ahead, and you'll still get your points.

Next up is the Garden Party this Saturday. Those that signed up and paid their $35 fee will be gathering to enjoy the culinary talents of our younger members. It's a fine chance to sit back, relax, and be waited on for a change. We are excited!

A big reminder - if you are coming to the Movie Night on August 13th, you'll need to pay your $12 by the end of July so we know how much food to order. Don't forget - we're going to watch the season premier of Lower Decks and then move on to other Star Trek.

And may I just add - 42 days and 18 hours until the State Fair!!!!! Talk about excited.

See you around the Galaxy!



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