Captain’s Log, Supplemental: June 22, 2022

Greetings, crew!

I have to say it: is it hot enough for you? Sorry. At least the worst is over for now. The weather forecast today talked about "stunning" weather for the next few weeks, so I hope everybody gets the benefit and gets outside for a little while.

Big news from across the Pond: Paramount+ is launching in Ireland and the UK today. I've felt sorry for those fans who had to read comments from US sources about a show they couldn't see, so it's great that they now can. Can you imagine the binging this weekend!!??

Speaking of binging, if you haven't been watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds this would be a great time to binge the first six. We have a great new villain, humor and lots of Vulcan jokes (my fave). We are so spoiled now - it's tough to live like we used to and wait for a WHOLE WEEK for the next episode!!

Here's another reminder to sign up for Feed My Starving Children on June 20th HERE. There are still 8 spots open. Also, if you need a ticket for the Saints game outing on July 4th, we have an extra in our row - let me know. Hey, that rhymed!

See you around the Galaxy!


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