Captain’s Log, Supplemental: June 29, 2022

Greetings, Crew!

I hope everybody gets a little time this weekend to relax and do something that makes you smile. The weather looks like it will be fabulous, with a few storms on Monday. Whatever you are doing - working, picnicking, staying in to watch Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - have a nice time.

Speaking of Strange New Worlds, did you see the sneaky-cool Easter Egg in the last episode? If you didn't, here's a hint: it is related to Deep Space Nine. Now, go watch it again! It's fun to see some light-hearted Trek, ala Tribbles, Shore Leave, Captain Proton.

Flipping over to Star Trek: Lower Decks, which has been on the back burner, there's some new news. Creator Mike McMahan was quoted in an article this morning. He mentioned that the show will be going back to where Star Trek has gone before. "The plan with a show like "Star Trek: Lower Decks," according to McMahan, is to "build out those monocultures into something that's more textured." His reasoning here seems to be that the show can dig into facets of certain Trek cultures that may have been missed on the first go-round, when previous Trek crews only visited a planet or met a group one time during what was, based on Trek's track record, likely a high-pressure situation. So where does "Star Trek: Lower Decks," with its ability to take a slightly more tourist approach, want to stop and look around a bit longer?" That sounds intriguing - I'd love to see them go to Rigel IV, or Alpha Centauri, or Altair VI (which is known for its excellent shore leave facilities, of course).

A sharp-eyed member noticed a mistake in my last Captain's Log (gasp!). The Minnesota Saints game we are attending is on July 14th, not the 4th. Oops, sorry. There are still tickets available - hint hint.

And one last scoop - the Love Boat soon will be making another run! Yes, it's true. A reality show is in the works that will feature singles looking for love aboard the Regal Princess. The Love Boat is one of my favorite shows, but a reality show?! Maybe not. I'll stick with my DVDs of the original. OK, it's not Star Trek, but it has a ship, on a voyage, with crew members, and adventures???

Have a great holiday weekend, and see you around the Galaxy!


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