Captain’s Log, Supplemental: November 18th, 2020

Greetings, Terrans!

Thanks to those that attended last Saturday's meeting. It's so much fun to see people from far away that haven't been able to join us before Zoom meetings! It's also pretty cool that our attendance is increasing instead of the other way around.

Just a few updates for today's newsletter. First, I'd like to congratulate the person that stumped everyone with his baby picture! Lots and lots of guesses were submitted, but nobody got it right. That cute little guy was......Rich Perry!! Now that you know, you can see it in his eyes, right?

Remember to save the date on December 12th at 6pm for our holiday get-together. Details for this hour-long soiree will be posted in the next few weeks. You may want to start looking for an ugly sweater or glitzy uniform or something else to wear and share on our Zoom call.

One last reminder about paying dues is coming in the next few weeks to those who didn't pay in September. We know everybody's busy and we hope to keep everyone in the fold, especially since human (or alien) contact is so vitally important right now, so we're trying something new instead of simply removing folks from the list. We now have PayPal, Venmo and mail-in options, so hopefully we've made it as easy as possible!

For now, take care and stay safe during our uptick in COVID-19 cases! See you around the Galaxy!



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