Captain’s Log, Supplemental: October 6, 2021

Greetings, Crew!

I hope everyone is having a good October so far, and enjoying the cooler weather. So many of us love Halloween time, the Renaissance Festival, dressing up, football season (and yes, pumpkin spice!), so fall is always a great time.

Last week I wrote about the William Shatner In Space rumor, and this week it is official! Of course you knew that, if you've accessed any media in the last few days. He's been on Today, CNN, the New York Times, our StarTribune, and just about every other outlet. He'll be the oldest person ever in space - how cool is that? "They called me," Shatner said. "I’m going to see the vastness of space and the extraordinary miracle of our Earth and how fragile it is compared to the forces at work in the universe — that’s really what I’m looking for." He'll launch from West Texas next Tuesday! Click HERE for the story from NBC News.

This Saturday is our October General Membership Meeting. It will be held by Zoom and the link is below. We have news to share about several upcoming events in the next few months, and we'll have our annual awards and recognition ceremony.

Don't forget that dues are due in September, so this Saturday is your target date if you haven't yet sent yours in.

See you around the Galaxy!



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