Captain’s Log, Supplemental: September 29th, 2021

Greetings, Crew!

Naturally, I have to start with the biggest news of the week. William Shatner seems to be headed to space! Blue Origin has not yet confirmed that he will be onboard their second human spaceflight, but rumors abound, and their website stated on Monday that the astronauts will be confirmed "in the coming days." Since the launch is slated for October 12th, that will be soon! Won't it be perfect to see our Captain going up? It seems like a fitting story arc to me!

I am putting one last plea out for recipes for our cookbook before I start final preparations. Please send them to me this week if you can. Any category is fine, and I particularly need some beverages and extras, like candy or sauces. Thanks in advance, and thanks to those that have sent a bunch my way!

See you around the Galaxy!


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