Star Trek 50th Anniversary Update November 2015

The Big Year approaches. We had an incredibly productive construction day in October and competed most of the renovation work on the sets. We still have painting and a little bit of pounding to do, but that can wait until spring. We are registering for two rooms this year, which means we need lots of hands. You are going to get a bit sick of hearing me say that a lot, but seriously we needs all hands on deck!

We also need more ideas for fun 50th Anniversary STUFF to do. Let a board member know what you'd like to do for fun.


Annual Bake Sale and Auction

borg cube Enterprise First Contact TNG EnterpriseDon't forget to bring your baked goods and money to the November meeting! Every year, yummy things show up and are gobbled up by the dozen. You can also not gobble, but bring them home to be gobbled with the turkey or holiday meal. Either way, we can't have a sale without donations and buyers, and it's up to you. Bring your items separated into small portions (6 cookies, one pie, etc) with prices marked on each item.

We are also having a silent auction with a few choice items. These are high-quality Star Trek pieces and you will want to get your hands on them. If you have questions before the meeting, contact the board.

Hats and Mittens Charitable Project

HatsNMittensRemember that we are collecting for Hats and Mittens. Hats & Mittens raises money, collects hundreds of hats and mittens for homeless children, and increases awareness of smaller and emerging non-profits serving children.

You can help by bringing a hat and mitten set (preferred to gloves) to the next Nokomis meeting. Karen and Mark will kindly make our donation for us. Thanks in advance for helping this worthy organization.


It’s Our Turn to Host the FUN!

We are hosting the holiday party for all local fan groups this year on December 12th from 5 to 9pm at the Masonic Lodge in Maplewood. This will be one fun party. We'll have a potluck and ask our members to contribute, plus a DJ dance party for all. Make sure to get the word out to all fan groups you know of and let us know who you've told. We want to be ready for the right number of guests so we ask that each group gives us an estimate. Jane is leading the committee on this big event, so let her know if you have any questions. Make sure to mark your calendars for the fun.

January Outing – Let’s Do Something Different!

For many years we have had a January Dance each year as our one semi-formal event. Due to the unfortunate closure of the Fort Snelling Officers' Club, we have had to change the plan.

On January 16th we are going out for a nice evening of dinner and a play. The play is The 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Bee, a Tony Award winning play that is supposed to be a hoot. Guests under the age of 14 are not allowed, so no little kids (isn't that intriguing?)! You may go online at for more information. Tickets may be purchased by phone at 763-422-1838, and you'll want to reserve early in case they sell out the evening performance. Specify that you're with the USS Nokomis so they'll seat you by the group.

Dinner will be at Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano in The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes. Check it out at

Please make sure to sign up at the next meeting or let a board member know to sign you up. We want to get the reservation numbers right for this fun evening.


January Feed My Starving Children

The next food packing evening for our group is January 20th. We will pack from 6 to 7:30pm at the Coon Rapids location at 401 93rd Ave NW. We are signed up for a group of 15, and we have had some trouble getting quite that many in the last few times, so please feel free to invite family and friends. Please go to to sign up for your spot using the group name USS Nokomis.

We'll go to dinner afterwards to celebrate how good it feels to help others!


Captain’s Log – October 2015


If you missed our September meeting, you missed a lot! We went over the calendar for the upcoming year, which is full of fun stuff. We collected dues from lots of folks (because they're all due in September now). Best of all, we had a great time bowling and mingling with some guests from other clubs. Plus we ate, of course! We also discussed the celebration of longevity that will happen at the October meeting. Don't miss the fun. After the meeting we are going out to Claddagh for a celebration dinner. Don't miss it!

Speaking of the upcoming year's calendar: Remember that the Board works hard to find good and fun activities for everyone. We include social activities, fundraisers and charitable events. Sometimes an event might fit into more than one of those categories. The source of inspiration is the crew, so never hesitate to bring forward your ideas for fun stuff. I found a charitable event just last weekend for next September, so it's never too early to suggest something fun. This year, we particularly need input on some events for the 50th Anniversary of Trek. We're only as much fun as our ideas are!

Don't forget to sign up for Zoo Boo, too. We all have lots of fun greeting the kids, and then a group goes out to eat. It's usually at a nearby restaurant like Old Chicago or Stout's. Watch for more information.

See you at the October meeting. In case I didn't mention it, we're having a celebration!

See you around the galaxy!






2015 Bowling Party

We're done bowling for another year.  I hope you all had fun.  I wasn't able to see everyone because of work, but I didn't get lost on my way to St. Francis this time so I had time to visit with many of you!!

My able assistant, Shannon Hill, was kind enough to track scores for us. Many took part in flinging spheres, all had fun, but a couple reached the top!!  Phill Goldman was first this year with 189, Jack Langhoff was second with 134.  Now everyone knows what to shoot for next year.

Yes, we are planning another bowling party/general meeting/potluck in 2016.  Go ahead, get together, practice.  Maybe you will win the Dairy Queen gift card next year!

Roxanne Hill


CONstruction Day and Board meeting on October 4th, not the 3rd!

At the September meeting we announced that there would be a construction day and Board meeting on the 3rd of October, but this day HAS BEEN CHANGED. Please mark your calendars for the 4th at 10am. We'll have the Governing Board meeting and then move into construction by about 11am. After we finish (surprise!) we will find a place to lunch. Bring your tools and energy and be ready to go through the props. If it rains, please call Mary to determine whether we will work with props. The Board meeting goes on, rain or shine.

Captain’s Log September 2015

Greetings crew!

Welcome to fall and a new year for the USS Nokomis. I hope everyone had a great summer like we did. Graduation for Harrison, Patriots Marching Band season, a few travel opportunities, and a Mary and Harrison European cruise kept us crazy-busy! Now it's back to school, the Fair and other fall fun, including the new Vikings season!

We start our USS Nokomis year at the September meeting with a few important activities that you won't want to miss:

First, we will recap all of the fun we had over the summer. This summer was full of good times we'd like to share, especially if you were not able to join us.

Next, we'll see a proposal from the Governing Board for the next year and a half. This will include social activities, fundraising ideas, and charitable pursuits. If you have ideas to add, you can still do so until September 11th by getting them to any Board member. All ideas are most welcome.

Finally, we'll be collecting dues from all members. Remember that everyone owes dues at the same time from now on, regardless of the month you joined the club. We'll have a celebration of everyone's years in October.

These activities are in addition to our usual agenda, so don't miss the meeting! We also have a super activity planned for afterwards!

See you around the Galaxy!