Chuckwagon Update 2021

We've made changes in our plans for the Chuckwagon social once again. There is a lot of uncertainty about the availability of the site and our ability to host the event, so we are postponing it until 2022. Although this is our largest fundraiser of the year, our lack of spending this year (due to limited events) means we don't have to worry about missing the chance!

One part of the event that will proceed as planned is the annual 50-50 raffle. This drawing benefits charity and also carries a great chance of winning for one lucky person. Half of the ticket sales goes to the winner, so the more tickets sold, the more you win. The tickets are $5 each or three for $10. You can purchase them through the website via PayPal or send a check to Pam. We will do the drawing on the originally planned date of October 17th. The odds of winning are really great, and so is our chosen charity - St Jude's Children's Research Hospital - so buy some!

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