CONvergence 2017

We had a great time at the convention this year. Many club members hung out in the room and enjoyed entertaining the guests. We had one room, featuring the curvy beams, bar, console and transporter. We served over 2,300 drinks, setting a new record.

Our theme this year was A Piece of the Action. We had some cute dolls and handsome guys, plus a few Starfleet personnel and civilians. Of course, we did it all by The Book.

Thanks so much to the numerous crew members that did the work. It's a big effort to load the truck, construct the room, work three late nights in a row, then take it all back down and pack it up. Everybody did a great job.

I always like to find the quote of the con, and here's the best one I heard this year. A young man came in the door, took a look around in awe, and breathed, "This is everything I want in life, right here!" That's what it's all about.

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