CONvergence 2018 – Natural 20

This years marks the 20th anniversary of CONvergence and we'll be there once again. We'll be in our favorite room 107 and we look forward to seeing everyone there. We hear all year long about how con-goers look forward to our room and consider it the best, so we're really excited!

As always, we need a lot of hands to get the room set up in time. We'll meet at 9am on Thursday, July 5th at Mary and Jack's to load the truck, then head down to the Bloomington DoubleTree at noon. We are scheduled to open the doors at 8pm, so this will be a precision operation. We need YOU to assist!

If you are attending the convention we'd like to sign you up for time in the room. We're open from 8pm to midnight on Thursday and 7pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. A few hours or a whole evening is fine, and we'd like to know up front so we can schedule breaks for those who work the entire time. Besides, what's more fun at con than being in the best room of all?

We also need help to tear the sets and load the truck at 9am on Sunday, July 8th. We'll bring everything back to the cargo bay, load it up, and head to lunch to reflect on the fun we had all weekend.

This is a big job and it needs coordination, so please drop Mary a line at as soon as you can to share the times you can be there! Thanks in advance for your help.

Now, on to the costume plans. Since the convention theme is Natural 20, we're all going to be Number 20. Remember Harry Mudd's android planet in the episode "I, Mudd"? Every series has a 20, and we'll find them all. No matter what you choose to wear, you'll be Number 20 in your series. We have a few designated characters already, and some that we still need, so let Mary know if you're thinking of something specific and she'll clue you in to what others are doing.

It's going to be FUN!!



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