This is an extremely important message to everyone. I hope that you fully understand the impact our rooms at CONvergence have had since 2006. We have been celebrated, held up as an example, emulated by many, and lauded by real Star Trek veterans for our work and ingenuity. Songs have been written about us and our square food. We've been filmed for documentaries and featured in books and articles. People have told us that they've traveled from other states to see the "famous Star Trek room". Every member of the USS Nokomis should be proud of this, whether you pounded a nail or wore a costume or contributed by attending a fundraiser. Why am I stressing this? Because we need your help to continue this enterprise.

It's very important that all of us pull together this July at CONvergence. Without enough hands, we will not be able to do it. Why? Because it's a whole new situation at the new hotel, and everything will take just that much longer to accomplish. We were very comfortable and at home in rooms 107 and 108 at the DoubleTree, as we'd been there many times. I'm not just referring to the room layout. We knew every corner, every measurement, and the placement of every fixture down to the tiniest detail. Now, we have to return to the discovery phase of 2006 in the new area. To do this, we need your help.

Last weekend we had a meeting to discuss the room. We now have lists of everything that needs to be done. We need hands to do it, and the nine people who were at the meeting are not enough. We'll be mocking up the set in our yard on May 18th at 10am, and I hope many of you can come and help. We also have another day to complete any leftover construction and loading prep on June 23rd. Importantly, we need help loading and unloading and setting up the room. Here are the dates:

  • May 18th - 10am until we're done (and then we eat)
  • June 23rd - work and planning day (and then we eat again)
  • July 3rd - 5pm load and 8pm unload at the hotel
  • July 4th - 8am build and 8pm opening (after the build there is changing time and then we'll greet our guests)
  • July 5th and 6th - 7pm to midnight open room hours (we need folks to hang out and greet the guests)
  • July 7th - 9am tear-down, load and transport (then yummy lunch)

The dress code is simple - Classic Trek or costume of your choice. If you need help with this, just let me know. Keep in mind that this means hippie, gangster, Starfleet, or any other way to fit in. Basically, the sky's the limit!

I can not stress the importance of this strongly enough - we need help. We've learned over many years that when there are enough helpers, this goes very well. Otherwise, we wouldn't do it year after year!! Please sign up at the meeting on May 11th or send me an email at to let me know when you can help. Don't forget that everyone who helps has a home at the con, and you're welcome to hang out for unlimited time in the room. Don't be shy - you are all most welcome!

Let's show them that the biggest Star Trek club can also keep on trekkin' with the best room at con!


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