CONvergence Blood Drive Update

Unfortunately, we won't be able to host our annual blood drive at CONvergence this year. The arrangements won't allow the parking of the blood mobile at the hotel. We'll be meeting with the convention committee after this year's event to make early plans for next year. We hope you all have fun at the convention and hope to run in to you there!

We can still have our customary life-saving impact, however. We're considering alternative locations and will let you know ASAP what we come up with, but please don't wait - if you can donate blood please go to to make your appointment now. It's more important that you donate during this extreme blood shortage than waiting for our club's specific blood drive! Insider tip: Donate between July 7 and 31 for a $10 Gift Card by email! PLUS, a chance to win gas for a year, a $5,000 value!

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