Happy Birthday to the Gorn!

Did you know that the Star Trek Original Series episode "Arena" premiered on January 19, 1967? The first appearance of the Gorn sparked multiple references in later Trek series. In addition, there are Gorn action figures (yah, I got mine), Gorn costumes (who would wear that?) and even several Gornaments for your tree.

In honor of this important birthday, StarTrek.com has compiled a list of Gorn references over the years. These Easter Eggs are sometimes obvious, and sometimes hard to see. They range from the Gorn appearing as an Elysian Councilor in the Animated Series, to the mention of Bones delivering eight Gorn babies - one of which bit him - in Star Trek: Into Darkness, to that crazy Gorn skeleton of Captain Lorca's. Those writers do love their Gorn! You can find all of these Easter Eggs HERE

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