MarsCon 2019

This is going to be fun! The theme for this year's convention is Legends In Our Own Minds, and we'll be hosting a party room. Check out the convention information at

Our theme will be that legendary Star Trek episode - Spectre of the Gun. Get together your Western duds and plan to have fun on Friday and Saturday nights at the convention. You can go all-out Wild West, Trek up your Starfleet uniform, or get creative with an idea of your own. Everyone is welcome to have a Star-saparilla and to greet our guests and see if we can uphold our tradition of a welcoming, great party room.

For those who can help, please be at the hotel for set-up on Friday, March 1st by noon. We'll set up and open by 8pm. Also, please plan to help with the take-down on Sunday, March 3rd at 9am. The more, the merrier!

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