Milestone Blood Drive is a HUGE Success! Over 2,600 Lives Saved!

It's time for a big cheer for our continued life-saving efforts! On July 8th we had our 30th American Red Cross blood drive and it was great. We had the largest number of donors ever since our first blood drive in 2001, and we tied our best-ever final total at 45 pints of blood.

Special thanks go to Jane for her tireless recruitment efforts and to Roxanne for helping her throughout the drive, greeting donors and handing out gifts and answer questions.

Here's the best number of all: since we started we have helped the Red Cross collect 880 pints of blood. Since each pint can save up to three lives, that's over 2,600 lives touched by life-saving blood. This is truly remarkable, and you should all be very proud. What a great way to multiply our impact on our community!

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