Ok, what now ….

That's it, that's the question.  What now. We've been having to cancel way too many fun things and it doesn't seem to let up.

Let's find a new rut to be in.  So, I know we've all asked for new things to do, but what about doing old activities in new ways?  How about an online bowling tournament?  Simultaneous beer tasting?  What about we all go to different movies together? Overnight camp out in each other's living room via Zoom?

I don't know how to do any of these, but I'd bet you do. Let's take this crazy pandemic to the next level.  I don't want it beat us, I want to see how we can re-dig our own rut.

Next meeting, let's take it up higher, schedule something even the pandemic can't cancel.  Starting with the August meeting, let's share your best Limerick.  And the heck with being perfect, just have fun with it.

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