PayPal and Venmo and Post (Oh Myyyy!)

Now there are more and more options for paying for things these days, and we're doing our best to allow as many as we can.    Log in to the web page for details about each.

  • Cash is classic, checks are just as good.  You can hand them over or mail them in.  Address information is visible when you log in.
  • PayPal started as a payment clearing house for buying things on the Internet, like stuff on Ebay.  You can use your PayPal account if you have one.
  • PayPal is also our clearing house for credit cards.  They've branched out now to being more of a full service merchant service, so they take credit cards, bank transfers, and a host of other services.
  • Venmo is strictly person to person, using mobile device apps to keep it simple and well-protected.  You'll need to have a Venmo account of your own to send money to us that way.

The Nokomis is set to use all of these.  Log in to see our contact info.

If you want to use credit cards or a PayPal account, we will provide you a link to make your payment.  Any time we have a link posted on the website for payment (like the Join Us page) it will go through Paypal.  If you need to send money without the link, use your PayPal account to send money to .

For Venmo, your send to @USS-Nokomis.  You should see our logo when you get the right one. If it asks for phone confirmation, the digits are 7749.  Be sure to use the comments to describe what the payment is for.

For the old-fashioned post office, you can send it to:

USS Nokomis c/o Pam Kline
4808 River Wood Circle
Savage, MN 55378

Just like in the other methods, please be sure to include a note/letter explaining what the money goes for.

Any troubles?  Contact us through

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