Peeps Were Tossed

Thanks to everyone that tossed a Peep in the 2021 competition. It was a close match, with some exciting twists and turns. We also learned some valuable lessons.

First, we recognize the winner in the Junior Category. Leah threw that Peep at least five feet!! Yeah!!

Next, let's talk about the purists - those that threw with their own brute strength and no additional technology. Interestingly, three of those strong arms were among the six prizes winner. Congrats to Keith, Jim K, and David R!

Finally, it's no surprise that the other three prize winners were the ones that employed Peep Propellants. Those included Rich with his handy tennis racquet, Harold with his trusty driver (which utterly destroyed his Peep), and Emma with her scintillating serving spoon.

Oh, how about those valuable lessons! First, Peep goo is hard to get off of your golf club. Second, tree branches can completely throw off your aim. And apparently, the spoon is mightier than the arm, as Emma won first place! Considering that she's one of our resident chefs, that was poetic justice.

Thanks to everyone that played. Although the real PeepMaster was not in attendance, we still had lots of fun!

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