Sad news. Blair Keith has died. Memorial on July 21st.

Thursday, July 13th we lost our dear friend Blair Keith to the ravages of cancer.  He's been working through diagnoses and treatment options since mid April. Throughout the whole affair he's kept his optimistic view that he'd be one of the lucky ones who might be found the remedy.  It was not to be.

The true miracle in Blair's life has been all of you, his friends and family.  All of us carry memories, stories, jokes and good wishes with us.  He was one in a million, our Blair.

Join us on Friday for a memorial service and good stories. It will be held at the Dan Patch American Legion at 12375 Princeton Avenue in Savage, MN. The program will begin at 3pm with a formal memorial. We will then have an open time for sharing, so if you have a memory to share about Blair you'll have a chance to speak. After the program we'll have a light meal and time for fellowship. At 4:30 we'll have a toast to Blair in our own special way.

Many have asked if they should wear a costume. Although we are not designating this as a costume event, if you'd like to honor Blair in that way, please feel free.

If you have additional questions, let Mary know.

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