She Changed the Face of Space

Do you know the amazing story of Nichelle Nichols' impact on the space program? A new documentary, released yesterday, tells this story. Woman in Motion debuted on the big screen via Fathom Events last week, and it's now available digitally. Although we didn't need any more reasons to respect and appreciate this amazing actor, there's so much more!

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"Nichelle Nichols, known to Star Trek fans around the world as Lieutenant Uhura, has led an amazing life thanks to her role on that famous show and its subsequent movies. But in addition to leading the charge for black representation on television, fans may not have known that Nichols brought that determination and representation to Starfleet’s real-life present-day counterpart, NASA. Thankfully, Woman in Motion sheds light on Nichols’ role in bettering NASA’s diversity, a goal that has had rippling repercussions ever since.

While the documentary revolves around Nichols’ hard-hitting efforts to bring thousands of non-white applicants to NASA in the 1970s, the documentary first makes sure to tell the story of Nichols herself. Using both archive interviews and more recent productions, viewers learn from the actress herself about how she came to join the television business, starting initially as a singer for Duke Ellington before traveling to California to began her TV career."

You can check out the details and access the movie HERE


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