St Patrick’s Beer Tasting Party

Hey! Did you know that this year is our 15th beer tasting competition? It's true, and it takes place on March 10th. From home to barn to hotel to other hotel, the event has traveled around over the years. This time it will be at the party room at Emma and Joey's apartment complex (at the same place we had the holiday party) . This room was so party-perfect that we decided to return. It's located at 2551 38th Avenue NE, St Anthony, Minnesota (there are two party rooms – this one is on the northwest corner of The Landings under the big fancy arch entry).

You do not have to compete in the tasting to attend. If you wish to enter the tasting, you should bring 4-6 bottles of your entry. All types of beer, hard cider, malt beverage, near beer, maltini, non-alcoholic beer or malternative are welcome. You can even enter a soda if you'd like to, as you never know what will win. In fact, last year's winner was a non-alcoholic option! We are competing in a blind taste test for fabulous prizes, and sometimes the cheapest, most unlikely beer has won. There is also the USS Nokomis Bad Beer Board, which has sometimes gone to the most well-known and expensive beer. You never know!

Bring food to share with the group, from a main dish to side dish to dessert. Bring your own beverage, too, besides any entry you bring for the tasting. Some games and good conversation will round out the evening.

Please join us for the fun. If you're planning to come, drop a note to me by email. It helps for planning. We hope you can all make it.


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