St Patrick’s Day and Beer Tasting was Fun!!

Thanks to everyone that came to have fun with us on March 10th. We had a great time visiting, enjoying the wonderful food, and finding out what beer was the best. There were games, too, like a cutthroat session of "how many words can you make out of St Patrick's Day?"

This year we had 24 entries in the blind taste test. They ranged from non-alcoholic ginger beer to mead to every possible shade of ale, stout, porter and lager. There were some fun names, like Biscotti Cake Break and VooDoo Juicy, and beers from lots of places, from Grand Cayman and England to breweries across the United States.

The 15th annual winners of the USS Nokomis Bad Beer Board were Janalee and Charlie Wakefield for BMC Ale. The second best beer was Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, brought by Phill Goldman. The top prize went to Emma Frazee for Chocolate Coconut Stout. The best beer winners each took home Best Buy gift card prizes, while the Bad Beer Board is its own prize!

Thanks to Emma and Joey for hosting the event in their fantastic party room. What a great place for a get-together like this!

Mary & Jack


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