Star Trek Virtual Events

If you're missing your favorite Star Trek stars, there are multiple chances to indulge yourself in the next weeks. There are live stream Q&A sessions and one-on-one Chats. You can also purchase video shoutouts, personalized autographs and video recordings.

For example, Star Trek doctors Gates McFadden, John Billingsley, Alexander Siddig, Robert Picardo, and Wilson Cruz unite for a session on July 5th at 2pm ET. There are also sessions with Klingons J.G. Hertzler and Robert O'Reilly, and William Shatner, plus stars from other franchises.

You can find details and register HERE

Virtual Trek Con, a larger convergence (no pun intended!) of Star Trek folk, takes place from July 15 to 20. There will be cast and crew interviews, fan interactions and special performances. There are several fun chances for fans to send in your own videos. These include tributes to Aron Eisenberg and Rene Auberjonois, a virtual Trek Pool Party, cosplay video, shout out to medical/essential professionals, and more.

Virtual Trek Con details can be found HERE



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