Scavenger hunts have been a fun challenge for us in the past, so let's do another!
Rosedale will be our new destination...hopefully you haven't memorized it yet!

You can choose your own team: no more than 3 per team, one photograph-taking item
per team, no previously-established couples, and at least one guy per team. So go out
there and recruit each other! Harrison and Shannon will give you your clues and send
you off for 45 minutes of 'scavenging'.

We'll meet 45 minutes later by Ruby Tuesday. You can turn in your answers and photo
equipment and any bribes for the judges then. Good luck!
Roxanne Hill

ZooBoo 2014 is a Rousing Success!!

NokomisBoo1Zoo Boo 2014 completed last night, with over 21,000 guests through the gate!  Five perfect days of weather brought out between 2,500 and 5,500 guests each night.

The Nokomis populated the Halloween station, the first point the crowd saw after entering the event.  Our smiling faces set the crowd on their way thorough Trick or Treat Land.  A giant smiling Jack O Lantern face on the 'Corn Crib' cage completed the mood. NokomisBoo2

A dozen of our heartiest members worked the nights of the event for well over 50 hours' effort just in those two weekends, and four of our members put in well over 100 hours each during the year long preparation event.  Thank You to All!  We can't do it without you.

November Website Update

Our second full month of operation has come and gone, and I see a lot of folks have logged in at least once.  If you didn't get the e-mail with your username and password, it might mean that we don't have your current email address.  Use the Contact Us tab to send a message with your name and current email address and I'll get you fixed up as quick as I can.

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The Fall 2014 Pampered Chef Fundraiser

The Fall 2014 Pampered Chef Fundraiser is underway! Sales are catalog/website only. Enter your order on the Website page via the link below, for Representative Regina Ciaccio (in Chaska, MN). The Website Link to the Show is: Nokomis Pampered Chef Sale. Purchases MUST  be made with the “Deliver to Your Home” option for your orders.


When you get to your order page, select the "Deliver to Your Home" in the right-hand column next your item(s) ordered. The drop-down menu there has "Home" as a delivery option.  Please select "Home" as the delivery option to have your order delivered to your own address. Thanks!

Per the PC website, s/h starts at $7.25 (orders <$20) and ranges up to $15.25 for orders up to $129.00. Orders of $130 and higher have s/h at 11% of the order total. Members may wish to combine orders and have them sent to 1 address, to reduce shipping costs.

Our fundraising level is 10% up to $600 in sales, & then 15% for sales above $600. Regina has also agreed to donate $10 to the Nokomis for Party Booking that is made & held during this Fundraiser (donation to be paid following the booked event).

Update (11.5.14): I have been advised by the Pampered Chef Co-Coordinator that we must have a minimum of $200 in sales for this to be considered a fundraiser.

Our End Date for the Fundraiser is on November 15th, 2014. Any questions, please contact me.

Thanks, All, and Happy Shopping!

Not so long ago in a lake cabin not so far, far away….

The USS Nokomis Lake Overnighter/Fish Fry/Distillery Tour

The weekend was very nicely attended by 24 members and 1 guest. Lot of
great food, drink, fun and game – literally many played board games! Some
even went swimming or enjoyed floating. On Friday, some visited the 45th
Parallel Distillery in New Richmond. 13 members attended the tour and
tasting event. Thanks to Mary Pucel for arranging this fun activity. They have
some very fine tasting spirits, and many in the group made some purchases.

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Captain’s Log, October 2014

Greetings, crew. Welcome to the fall. While it's a relief to lose the hot weather, it'll get cold all too soon. Before the winter comes, we have some fun in store.

I hope to see you all at Zoo Boo this year. Our volunteer group has gotten smaller over the years, and it would be great to see more of you take part. It's hard to describe how fun it is to have little kids run up and hug you, or to see the fun they are all having and to know that you are part of the reason. Come and join us!

Another fun thing we plan to do is another scavenger hunt at a shopping mall
after the November meeting. It will most likely be at the Mall of America as it has
been in the past. If you haven't played this game, you are missing out. It's a fun
time, followed by dinner together at a restaurant in the mall.

Speaking of the November meeting, start thinking now about what you'll bring to
the bake sale. We can always use new and different offerings to buy, as we love to

Finally, if you haven't yet gone on to the newly improved website, you need to
check it out. It's really impressive and very easy to use. You'll find more details
about upcoming events and there's never a need to wonder, because it's all at your
fingertips. As time goes by, it will be even better.

See you around the galaxy!