ZooBoo’s Finale is Coming Soon!

Celebrate Halloween without the Fright for the 30th and Final Time

All proceeds support the plants and animals of the Como Zoo and Conservatory.  The Nokomis has been helping out with this event since 1994 (this is our 24th time).  We really want to help keep one of America's last free-admission zoos free.

Como Zoo will be transformed for ZooBoo October 21st – 22nd; and October 28th – 29th. Gates Open: 4:30-7:30 p.m.

This is the 30th and final time ZooBoo happens in its current form.  After this year the midsection of Como will be under construction for the new Piniped Plaza, home of Sparky and his cousins (piniped is fancy for seals and sea lions).  The construction extends from the edge of Gorilla Forest and the hoof stock yard all the way through Seal Island to the Aquatics building. That makes a safe path in 2018 much harder to do.  The team will take 2018 off to plan for a new and different event starting in 2019.

Want to know more about the event, click here.

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ZooBoo Time!

Como Zoo's Zoo Boo is FINALLY HERE!

Celebrate Halloween without the Fright

All proceeds support the plants and animals of the Como Zoo and Conservatory.  The Nokomis has been helping out with this event since 1994 (this is our 23rd year).  We really want to help keep one of America's last free-admission zoos free.

Como Zoo will be transformed for Zoo Boo October 22nd, 23rd; and October 29th, 30th. Gates Open: 4:30-7:30 p.m. We're just four nights this year, so let's make them count.


Como Friends are starting to gear up for our annual Como Friends ZooBoo at Como Zoo event and hope that you can join us again!  You can register to volunteer at the link below so the Zoo knows you're coming.  Drop Phill a line as well so we can let you know about last minute changes.


On the morning of the first event night, Saturday October 15th, we'll be in full-on work to complete setups before the event.  We start at 9AM and hopefully we'll be done before the gates open.


Our folks will be heading up the new Halloween station, just inside the front gate.  We need to get there early (3PM), but we get done first.    Be sure to sign in up on the second floor of the Big Zoo Building - there are goodies for you there, and perhaps a surprise coupon.


Be sure to check with our folks at the first station, we'll get details there about the night's repast!  Hope to see you all there, all the time!

Star Trek Movie Night

Save the date for the movie night on November 12th. You may see movies and you may see television and you may see other things, but we're calling it a movie night no matter what! Our usual format (backyard drive-in) is altered somewhat this year, as is our location. Lynne and Phill have graciously offered their space due to the date change, as November is not as good for outdoor evenings as August is!

The cost of the evening is still $12, and for this you will get your dinner and entertainment. Bring beverages of your choice to enjoy/share. Since we're not on the grass, a chair of your own is not required. There's a fireplace to keep us toasty warm in the house, and there might be snack as well.

The festivities will start at 5pm and information will follow on the website and next month's newsletter.  Phill and Lynne will furnish maps and places to hang out between the meeting and the night's start.

Advanced registration is required, we've set up a signup sheet page to make it easy.  We need to know how many folks are coming to plan food volume.   We are currently accepting payment at the meetings or through the signup sheet page. Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions. Advance registration is required for food volume purposes.

Mary and Dawn

September 2016 General Membership Meeting

Our next General Membership Meeting takes place on Saturday the 17th of September at the Oxboro Library in Bloomington, MN starting at 12 Noon.TOS_Starfleet___Divisions_by_contagious_lunacy

Come and hear how the summer went.  There was a little movie that came out this year, compare notes with your fellow Trek fans.   Share ideas and hopes for the new Star Trek series.

September, the Final, er, Part of the Year - These are the happenings of the Starship Nokomis

  • Our next one-year mission - You'll see all the activities and dates for the next 12 or so months.Don't be a Ferengi - It's time to pay your dues for the year, let's get that over with.
  • ...Visit with New Life Forms... - Get involved to help Como Zoo at ZooBoo.
  • .. And new Recreations... -  Hear about plans for some of the fun things coming up - Bowling, Halloween
  • ... Boldly Do What We Haven't Done Before- let's set up something for Christmastime

We've got more than a dozen new members ready to meet all the Old Ones.  That is the equation!  (No, Ruk, No!!)

Dues are Due for 2016-2017 Membership Year

Update:  if you haven't paid your 2016 dues, they are past due!  Be sure to pay either via PayPal on the website, by check via mail, and in person at the October 8th meeting!

Renew!  RENEW!!

Remember that your dues are due (no pun intended) in September, regardless of your anniversary month.  We realigned the dues year to match our activity calendar planning starting in 2015.

If you are going to miss the September meeting (and we hope you aren't, because it's a biggie and we'll present the activity calendar), don't despair. There are a few ways you can get your dues to Pam.

  • At the September meeting.  Let's be nice to Pam and put cash or checks in an envelope with your name and Dues on it.  Keeps everything neat.
  • If you already know you're crossing paths with a Board member, get it to them.  They all talk to each other every so often.  They like the envelope option too.
  • You can use the online option this year.  Use the Join Us web page and act like it's your first time.  Phill will get it all sorted in the background.
  • You can get your dues to Pam by mail if necessary. Let her know your plans if you need to, as she'll be putting together a reminder notification to those who miss September's deadline.

Please remember that you must pay by the drop-dead time - BEFORE the October meeting - to be included in the October celebration. Plus, you won't get newsletters any more, and then how will you know what's going on?

If you have questions, the Governing Board is here to help.

Bowling Party in October

Bowling Ball of DoomDig out your bowling balls and shoes.  Polish up those throws!  Get ready to bowl your fingers numb!!

Following our October 2016 General Membership meeting we will again have free/open bowling at St. Francis School (see the map for the general meeting location--we'll stay there).  Because we have a busy meeting we will start promptly at noon so that the bowling can start at 2 pm.  We have the facility until 5 pm--enough time to wear everyone out. Those of us that don't fling the weighted spheres cheer from the sidelines as well as play games.

Remember! We invite our friends from local fandom to this meeting so be spiffy!!  We will be pick out a restaurant to compare scores afterwards.

There's a signup sheet for the whole event, give it a look-see.

Free balls, $1.00 shoes, free bowling--what's not to love!

No Longer Out In The Open Movie Night

The evening formerly known as the Super Secret Activity Night has taken another turn this year. Due to our busy, busy summer, we have moved the event to November. It will take place after the November meeting on Saturday, November 12th. Since November weather is often unsuited to an outdoor showing, we'll be inside. Lynne and Phill have offered to accommodate the entire drive-in theater - can you believe it?! More information will follow in the October newsletter, but for now mark your calendars and plan for an evening of entertainment, dinner and socializing.


USS Nokomis saved a lot of lives, again!

Blood Drive Ribbon

Congratulations to all for the great blood drive on July 2nd. Thanks to Jane's many hours of recruiting, we went in to the convention with a virtually full schedule. Con-goers stopped in to the rooms all weekend asking for appointments, which gave us a big backup list.

The result? Thanks to Roxanne and Jane and their wrangling of donors and appointments, and thanks to the fabulous crew on the bloodmobile, we collected 45 units of live-saving blood! Our goal was 30 units - can you believe it!!? All donors received the coolest ribbon at the con - Blood Donor - and they also got a holiday-weekend gift of a lunch cooler from the American Red Cross. Since each unit can touch up to 3 lives, that's up to 135 hospital patients touched by us - the USS Nokomis!

Thanks to Jane, Roxanne and all who donated blood at our 28th blood drive. Way to go!