The 2016 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar Is Ready To Order!

It's Back! The 2016 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar is ready to order!

As we did last year, you can order your calendar on-line on the WalMart website; then you can either pick it up at your local / favorite WalMart location -OR- have it shipped directly to your home.

Many, Many Thanks to everyone who contributed!

To preview and order the 2016 USS Nokomis Calendar, follow this link:

WalMart Photo Center - Link to the 2016 Nokomis Calendar


Cost for the 2016 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar is once again $12.00. This is a discounted price, so we recommend that you order SOON.

Sales tax for your calendar purchase is 86-cents. So, your total calendar cost will be $12.86. [86-cents is what the sales tax calculated as on our test order.]


You can arrange to pick up your calendar at your nearest / favorite Walmart. Select your Walmart location on the website that has PhotoCenter Pickup. Turn-around time is as soon as 1-Day. There is NO CHARGE to pick up your calendar at Walmart.

To ship your calendar to your home address, select the Ship to Home delivery option.

Time-frame for home delivery is 7-13 days.

Order your 2016 USS Nokomis Photo Calendar TODAY for best price and fastest pick-up/delivery.

Enjoy, and Happy 2016!

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