The March 9th Meeting and Beer Tasting are CANCELLED due to weather

The snow is coming, and there's just no safe way to make it to the meeting at noon, let alone the evening beer tasting plans.  The forecast is for heavy snow starting just as we'd meet, there's no guarantee of getting back home again afterward.  Please don't try to attend.

At the Board meeting we decided to cancel everything on the 9th, so all our friends and family can remain safe.  We hope your snow shoveling is slightly less difficult that Captain Kirk's task.

The Chuckwagon Dinner is just around the corner, be sure to read through the article from Pam, also in this bulletin and on the website.

If you're reading this and stuck in Champlin, Phill and Lynne are near enough to provide a safe place to wait.  Please call or text for directions.

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